• Tash Heyder

An interview with Conchita, a Plan A bride.

November 8, 2019. I'll always remember this date, because it was the day my best friend Avalon married the woman of his dreams, Conchita.

Our families grew up in Bali together, we used to go cycling around quiet Sanur beaches in the early '90s and have pizzas and spiders (Coca-Cola with vanilla ice cream) at one of the many small seaside cafes.

As we grew up, we shared so much together - travels, heartbreaks, new jobs, the lot.

When Avalon met Conchita, I knew she was the one. They are PERFECT together. They compliment each in every aspect, both so driven, adventurous, and funny.

When they asked me to plan their wedding, I was gobsmacked. And to be honest, it was probably one of the few times in the past decade of wedding planning that I was actually nervous. Of course I want every client's wedding to be absolutely perfect, but the pressure is even bigger when its someone so close to you with all your friends and family in attendance.

All I can say is it was an absolute honour to be a part of this special day, to watch these two soul mates declare their commitment to each other, and I'm forever grateful that they placed their trust in me.

First of all, how did you guys meet?

At a friend’s house – we hadn’t met before but it turned out that we had a lot of friends in common so that was a bit of an ice breaker. He also cracked a few jokes that I laughed at politely so I think that gave him some confident.

How did he propose?

It was a complete surprise. We were driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco and we had stopped at Big Sur to take a hike. I usually pack all of his bags so I was quite confident he did not have a ring with him.. But somehow he managed to keep it hidden and he proposed under the redwoods by a river. It was a beautiful day.

What made you decide on Bali?

We live here, we are from here and so it was an easy choice. Bali is a pretty good spot for a wedding.

Do you think having a planner helped? If so, why?

Yes. Our wedding planner made this wedding what it was. Getting married is not easy and if its not done right, it can be a very trying time. Plan A allowed us to focus on the big decisions without being bogged down in the nuts and bolts. We had curated options based on our needs and the best part was the ease of mind knowing we had someone who was up to the task.

What was the most stressful part of planning your destination wedding? (future brides take note!)

Invites – wanting to keep the wedding small but also wanting to invite everyone. We had to strike a balance and stick to our number of 250 guests.

What was your happiest moment?

Waking up the morning of our wedding knowing it was the day.

If you could change anything would you? If so what and why?

Nothing. Not everything is always perfect but this day was as close as it got for us.

What was your experience like working with Plan A?

Plan A was able to simplify a very complicated thing: getting married. Tash was ready to help at any time day or night and was always there to help when we needed to bounce ideas off one another and then put them into action. We would highly recommend Plan A to anyone looking to get married in Bali.

Any recommendations or tips for future brides?

Find the right people to do it with! Husband, wedding planner and friends. Don’t get caught up in the little things. And most of all don’t forget to spend time and make memories on your day with your husband.


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