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An interview with Georgia, a Plan A bride.

Updated: May 12, 2020

I remember this wedding clearly because it was the first time we had worked with the Sofitel and their stunning glasshouse chapel.

Further to this, Tom and Georgia were literally childhood sweethearts! I can't even begin to imagine meeting the person you'll spend your life with so young, but it's a dream come true for these two.

Georgia looked every part the stunning actually out of a bridal magazine. And even with a couple of hiccups with the weather, she made a stunning entrance to meet her prince at the end of the aisle.

Tom + Georgia | Apel Photography

First of all, how did you guys meet?

Tom & I met when we were in Year 7 at mutual friend’s birthday party. But it wasn’t until Term 4 of year 8 that we became friends. Over the summer break our friendship blossomed and he officially asked me out on the 12th of January 2007, via MSN (those were the days). Our love story started at the ages of 13 and 14, making us high school sweethearts and we have now been together for almost 13 and a half years and have a beautiful baby girl.

How did he propose?

Tom and I travelled to Bali to celebrate our 10 anniversary together (Jan 12th, 2017). Tom had planned to propose to me at The Rock Bar and had planned a beautiful sunset proposal at our own private booth on the ocean platform, however when he woke up in the morning the nerves started to completely overwhelm him. We were staying at the Sofitel in Nusa Dua and he began acting weird and didn’t want to eat breakfast, so we decided to go back to the room. I was sitting on the balcony and he claimed he needed to go get some Panadol (code for the engagement ring) from my parents’ room who were also on Holiday with us. When he came back to the room, he came onto the balcony and tried to get my attention, I was on my phone and asked ‘”what?”, to which we got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was actually so sweet and very much his personality. I literally had no makeup on, my hair in a bun and there was no-one hiding in the bushes taking photos, but in saying that, it was an incredible memory I will cherish forever. We spent the day calling all our loved ones in Australia and enjoyed a beautiful lunch. Later in the day we had champagne toast and were driven to the Rock Bar and treated like absolute royalty by all the staff, which was amazing. When we arrived back at our hotel room, the Sofitel staff had decorated our room with rose petals, balloons, bridal magazines, chocolate cake and Champagne, we were truly spoilt.

Tom + Georgia | Apel Photography

What made you decide on Bali?

I had travelled to Bali since I was a little girl and always loved the people and culture, not to mention the beautiful surrounds and weather. Tom and I had always discussed having a destination wedding and when he proposed in Bali, we thought it would be perfect to keep the tradition alive and get married there to. We also wanted to make a real week-long event out of it and make sure that all of our guests not only got a holiday out of it but really got to let their hair down and enjoy all of the celebrations without having to think about going back to work the next day!

Do you think having a planner helped? If so, why?

Having a planner was a blessing, especially the fact that I was planning the wedding from Melbourne, so to have Tash and her team over there helping to plan and coordinate everything on the ground was a huge relief. Also given that I was dealing with a language barrier, time difference, different currency and a completely different culture, it was so reassuring that I could rely on Tash to make sure that everything ran smoothly.

Tom + Georgia | Apel Photography

What was the most stressful part of planning your destination wedding? (future brides take note!)

Definitely making sure that everything ran as smoothly and on time as possible, given that most of the day had been planned via email and text messages, I had to have faith that my dream wedding would go as much to plan as possible and thanks to Tash and her team who were there every step of the way, it did. It was also a huge relief that I could rely on them keep the day running on time, because it’s so easy to get lost in the emotion and preparation that you can become so rushed and panicked which doesn’t help anyone. You really want to wake up in the morning as relaxed and calm as possible and just be able to absorb every minute of your special day.

What was your happiest moment?

Walking down the aisle to see the man of my dreams crying with pure joy. It was such an incredible feeling to know that we were about to write another chapter in our ever-growing love story.

If you could change anything would you? If so what and why?

I would definitely have listened to Tash when she said that I needed to have a game plan if it was to rain at the ceremony. The day before we completed a practice run at the exact same time our ceremony was meant to take place and it began raining. Tash insisted that I had a back-up plan if it was to rain, as I had planned to walk out of the Sofitel Glasshouse with the bridal party and have all the guests follow onto the lawn for photos and then to watch a performance by Balinese dancers. I did not want to take that advice and insisted that it wouldn’t rain and I had nothing to worry about. OH, I was wrong, the morning of the wedding the forecast was like 70% chance of rain at 2pm and it was overcast all morning, secretly I was hoping it would just magically clear up, however it didn’t. Tash still insisted I had another plan, as myself and my bridal party were walking down a long path into the Glasshouse, once again I was not interested in making other plans. 10 minutes before I had planned to walk down the aisle, the flood gates opened and it began to bucket down, luckily all my guests were seated and no-one got wet. But me on the other hand collapsed into tears (my makeup artist wasn’t very pleased). Tash and her team sprang into action and got golf buggies and umbrellas to save the day, meanwhile I was still hysterical. My Dad and Tash figured out there was a break in the rain and it was all systems go. My bridesmaids were waiting to walk and holding Sofitel umbrella’s when I arrived, I literally screamed put those umbrella’s down, I don’t want them in photos. The girls began to walk along with my flower girls and then it was my turn, Tash was politely yelling walk faster as it began to spit again, my dad had to hold the train of my dress to keep it from getting wet, and we started walking faster just to avoid getting saturated. Luckily, we got into the Glasshouse before it really began raining and the ceremony went on, but as we went to say I Do and kiss, a big bang of thunder happened and our G & T light up letters fell down, I will never forget that moment. We couldn’t leave after the ceremony and the Balinese dancers had to perform at the altar, so moral of the story is listen to Tash she is the professional, and she has your best interests at heart.

Tom + Georgia | Apel Photography

What was your experience like working with Plan A?

It was awesome, I would totally recommend Tash & her team to anyone thinking of getting married in Bali. Not only are they there on the ground as your main go to for coordinating your big day, they extremely knowledgeable with all things wedding related and can help to guide you in making decisions that best suit the vision for your dream wedding. Having such a professional, reliable and trusting team working to create your beautiful day is huge a relief, especially when in my case, I was planning it from Australia. I can honestly say that my Wedding day would not have ran as smoothly and been as magical without the help of Plan A and for that I am so thankful.

Tom + Georgia | Apel Photography

Any recommendations or tips for future brides?

The main advice I would give to future brides is a simple thing my mum said to me. If something doesn’t go exactly to plan, don’t worry about it, only you, your partner and the planner will know. None of the guests will have been expecting it, so they can’t be disappointed. Also just relax as much as possible, which I know can be hard, but for the months/years that go into this day, you only really have 24 hours to truly be in the moment and enjoy the day you have been waiting your whole life for. Take as many moments as possible to watch everyone enjoying themselves, take as many photos with loved ones and guests, and let your hair down because in the end, this day is to celebrate your beautiful love story and it all happens so fast. Embrace every minute, because you want to look back on your day with the fondest memories and laugh with joy at just how amazing it was!


Venue: Sofitel Chapel + The Mercure Legian

Photography: Apel Photography

Lighting: Venue

Catering: Venue

Bar: Venue

LOVE Sign: Light Up Letters

Entertainment: Sevenpro

Hair + Makeup: Zoe Koritsas

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