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An interview with Georgie, a Plan A bride.

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Ellis + Georgie | Eyecon

First of all, how did you guys meet?

He is one my best friends (brioch) brother...I know a bit awkward!

Nothing ever really happened initially, we barely spoke if we ever seen each other to be honest. Then brioch turned 18 and had a A and B themed birthday party. I dressed up as Bo peep and he dressed up as a baby, diaper an all. We were a little flirty at the party once that party ended there was a 21st party at mullaloo penthouse which ellis invited me to ( an not brioch poor thing but all part of his master plan lol) and the rest is history really. You need to know im not a bad friend He kissed me first that is very important lol!

How did he propose?

Well I had been away for 6 weeks on a Europe trip, I got back just before the weekend and he told me we were going to dinner with friends In the city ( lie) he wouldn’t tell me where we were going but I was getting moody on not knowing what to wear so he told me we were going to Cocos which is a river front restaurant in perth looking at perth skyline.

At this point we weren’t living together we were going to a friends the following day so he told me to pack a bag so I can stay at his that night and we can go to his friends early (lie) to which again I was moody about saying no I don’t know how ill feel tomorrow ill just come home in the morning I was firmly told no so I packed a bag.

He picked me up and away we went and then he turns off earlier than he should of I then tell him hes going the wrong way to which he replied “ oh ye my dad said there were works getting done on the bridge so were going a different way” (lie)

We turn into the Fraiser suits “surprise we’re actually staying here for the night”

We walk straight passed reception me:” don’t we need to get the key for the room “

Him” oh no my dad picked it up for us after work today” (lie)

We get to the door and says “you know how much ive missed you” as he opens the door I see rose petals and candles leading to the suit and the ceiling was covered in lilac ( my fave colour) balloons a bottle of prosecco on ice and the a view of river. I just thought he had really missed me haha hes a very romantic man anyway so I didn’t spark anything in my mind. We were standing infront of the window looking at the view and he started to give me his speech and then he got down on one knee but had to get back up because the box got stuck in his pocket and went back down again and ask me to make him the happiest man in the world and marry him!

Ellis + Georgie | Eyecon

What made you decide on Bali?

We have went on many holidays together there and love it more every time so it already had a special place in our hearts. The idea of being in a warm tropical place, beach or cliff side and just relaxing poolside on the lead up to the big day with delicious food and cocktails was our idea of heaven

Do you think having a planner helped? If so, why?

Tremendously !! I don’t think we could have had the day we had without the help of Tash and Aimee.

Not being able to speak Balinese myself having someone who speaks it fluently to translate our vision and help with all the details was extremely invaluable!! Tash and her team took all the stress away from planning an abroad wedding and if anything went wrong on the day I didn’t really hear about it she took take of it and just made sure we had a fantastic day.

What was the most stressful part of planning your destination wedding? (future brides take note!)

Erm I think the only thing was because we were over for a week before the wedding a couple people were a little bit poorly, one of groomsmen being one of them. It wasn’t an issue for me but I would just say make sure you go over a few months prior to make sure your happy with all your venders/ services e.g your makeup/hair and catering it just puts your mind at ease and you don’t feel like there are surprises on the day.

Ellis + Georgie | Eyecon

What was your happiest moment?

There is honestly too many! Hearing the vows he had written and realizing we had unknowingly ended them the same way was pretty amazing and when they said you may kiss the bride and I got to lock lips with my Husband!

If you could change anything would you? If so what and why?

No not really, silly things if anything like wish I would of planned a hangover party the next day at the villa to get everyone together again, I loved our photos they were so natural, beautiful and in the moment but I think I just wish I got a few more with my mumma and sister we’re always making sure everyone’s okay so there wasn’t many shots of just us 3. Oh and wish I had the wedding videoed so I can relive the day over and over

Apart from those minor minor things I wouldn’t change anything I was an amazing magical day!

What was your experience like working with Plan A?

Nothing but the best! The whole time was filled with warmth, laughter, excellence and strive to make our dream day come true! Tash and Aimee have become people I am delighted to call friends!

Ellis + Georgie | Eyecon

Any recommendations or tips for future brides?

Someone gave me this little bit of advice and im so happy I took it.. steal away 5-10 mins away with your new husband and just have some You time, talk about the day take it all in and be together without anyone else. You wont believe how valuable those little moments are!

GET THE VIDEO! You might not watch it constantly, but you will watch it and be able to remember more details from that day or see things you may have missed on the day, I really wish I got it!

Write a list of people/pictures you want to make sure you get and send it through to the photographer.

As for recommendations all the vendors I used were amazing!

Villa Atas Ombak for the venue – we rented it for 3 days for us and our family was nice to have everyone together !

Eyecon for the photos

ABC catering for the food and drinks – they also have a little restaurant on the beach opposite cocoon beach club which we figured out we had went to on our first holiday to Bali years ago

Glo spa for makeup

And last but not least PLAN A bali wedding planners !!! Tash and her team are just amazing and you will not regret it in the slightest!

Ellis + Georgie | Eyecon


Venue: Villa Atas Ombak

Photography: Eyecon Photography

Florals + Lighting: Tirtha florist

Furniture: Heaven Furniture Rental

Catering + Bar: ABC Catering

Hair + Makeup: Glo Dayspa

Cake: Butter Bali

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