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An interview with Natasha, a Plan A bride.

Okay, so how could I ever forget Faisal + Natasha's wedding.

The brief? Five days, 110 people, with each day needing to be a different theme with transport to and from all venues, accommodation for everyone, and a big nod to a "wow factor".

Oh, and it had to be modern but infused with their heritage.

This laid back and super fun couple were a delight to work with. Natasha was one of the most chilled brides I've ever had the pleasure of working with, and Faisal was all about the fun! Nothing was too much, so with neon drummers, balinese dancers, indoor flares, henna stations, a white party, a flash mob, and so much more, this wedding was action packed to say the least.

It spanned across several days making use of various venues, each picked for their unique qualities which leant themselves to the themes of each night.

I remember trying to hot spot the couple from my phone on the way to their reception dinner, and me, being a tech noob, had no idea how to do it. Faisal sorted it out for me on my phone, making my username Balibliss -which was their hashtag for their wedding bonanza - and to this day it's still Balibliss! I don't think I'll be forgetting these two anytime soon!

Faisal + Natasha | Terralogical

First of all, how did you guys meet?

In December 2013, my cousin invited me and my sister to join him and his friends for a New Years party in Austin, TX. We were only a 3 hour drive away so we decided to join them. One of my cousin’s friends, Faisal (my now husband) was one of the people I met, and it was definitely not love at first sight (haha). We were friendly but his initial “party-guy” vibe was not my type. But somehow after that new years in Austin, I randomly saw Faisal every year after that. Once at a wedding in Jamaica, a Christmas dinner in Toronto, and a birthday party in Toronto (so random and maybe it was a sign?!). Fast forward to April 2016, we decided to go for dinner (finally!) and we hit it off! We have been inseparable since!

How did he propose?

After two years of dating, Faisal and I took a trip to the Philippines and Bali. At the tail end of our trip, we went to Potato Head for a beach club afternoon, and at sunset he popped the question! Potato Head is by far one of our favorite spots!

Faisal + Natasha | Terralogical

What made you decide on Bali?

From the moment Faisal proposed, we started talking about our wedding destination. We knew for sure we wanted it to be outside the US (where we live) and Bali just seemed like the perfect spot. From the moment we landed in Bali, it has been our favorite place in the world AND we got engaged there – so why not bring all our closest family and friends to this special place.

Do you think having a planner helped? If so, why?

100%. We would not have been able to do it without our planners. Not only do we live in the US (13 hour time change) and don’t speak the native language but we would not have been able to have such a memorable wedding without our planners. Our wedding was 5 days and we had 110 people so we wanted to make sure that we created something special for all our family and friends. There are so many details and coordination that go along with a destination wedding (especially a multi day wedding), and having planners made everything go so smoothly.

Faisal + Natasha | Terralogical

What was the most stressful part of planning your destination wedding? (future brides take note!)

For us, the most stressful part of planning our wedding was figuring out each venue and our host hotel for our 5 day wedding. Since we had over 100 people at our wedding, we had to find venues (we had a different venue for each event) that could accommodate our party size and meet our needs for our wedding celebration. Nothing felt like it was moving along until we locked down our venues and hotel. We spent approx. 3 months locking down venues/hotel (felt like a lifetime!) but once it was done, everything else was easy from there!

What was your happiest moment?

Honestly, I don’t think I could pin point my favorite moment. From the moment our first guest arrived in Bali to the last drink at our final event, I could not keep a smile off my face. Everything was perfect; and I was so happy to celebrate with my husband with our closest family and friends in our favorite place in the world.

If you could change anything would you? If so what and why?

Not. A. Single. Thing.! I think my husband would say his regret would be that we chose not to hire a videographer (only photos) but I beg to differ.

Faisal + Natasha | Terralogical

What was your experience like working with Plan A?

We had spoken to a few other planners before we decided to go with Plan A (and it was an easy decision!). Tash’s knowledge in weddings, her connections in Bali, and her personality were some of main the reasons we decided to go with her team. For example, when we were deciding on venues; Tash made an initiative to go to every single venue we were considering, took videos, spoke to management, and provided us with detailed information on pricing and food options. She also gave us good insight on each venue based on her past experiences which really helped in making decisions. We spoke on a weekly basis to catch up on progress and next steps in our planning process. During the wedding, Tash and the Plan A team were extremely helpful with coordination and making sure our events went as scheduled. Tash worked with our MC’s, parents, and anyone we needed to make sure all our events ran smoothly. I could go on and on with all the help we received from the Plan A team – they were awesome!

Faisal + Natasha | Terralogical

Any recommendations or tips for future brides?

I’m sure it sounds like a typical answer, but don’t stress (it’s not worth it). Enjoy every moment you can because it goes fast! This is such a big event you have taken months to plan and you do not want it to fly by without even taking a breath. There will be times where things do not go perfectly but the only person that will know is you! During one event, our MC’s were having outfit issues and showed up late to the event (they got to the event the same time we did, which was an hour after all the guests got there!). Tash and her team had already stepped in and took control of the guests and no one knew!

Faisal + Natasha | Terralogical


Venue: Indigo Hotel, Finns VIP, Som Chai, Merah Putih

Photography: Terralogical

Florals + Lighting: Bali Tropical Florist

Catering: Finns VIP, Som Chai, Merah Putih

Bar: Finns VIP, Som Chai, Merah Putih

Hair + Makeup: Ranny Bronzer

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