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An interview with Sharrna, a Plan A bride.

I think the the whole planner-client relationship eroded after the first week of chatting and we skipped straight to being friends. Working with Adam and Sharrna was more like getting together with your best friends and planning their big day as mates rather than a job. We just clicked and always got excited with each others ideas, frequently saying things like "Oh yes and then we can do this!" "YES! And how about this?!" "Yes love it!"....You get the idea.

They wanted a relaxed laid back wedding that reflected them as a couple, highlighted with plenty of drinks, dancing and laughter. The day was perfect, and to be honest, I felt more like a guest than I did as their planner due to everyone being so welcoming and relaxed.

Sharrna and I are still in frequent contact until today, a friendship which I feel so lucky to have.

Adam + Sharrna | Eyecon Photography

First of all, how did you guys meet?

We met playing dodgeball! I was absolutely hopeless but Adam was great. I didn't really speak to him much but he would always say hi to me and find a way to chat. A few more meetings through mutual friends including playing paintball where Adam shot me right between the eyes (on my goggles thank god), the rest is history.

How did he propose?

We were on Hamilton Island for Adam's 30th birthday. We had enjoyed a lovely dinner out with friends. When we got back to our apartment Adam slipped away from the group and I found him inside, quite anxious and I asked him what was wrong. He slowly got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. This was not how he planned it, the ring he designed hadn't even arrived yet. But I guess he just couldn't wait. A few weeks later he got home from work one night with a huge bunch of flowers and the ring was in the middle. I guess I was special and got to feel those proposal butterflies all over again.

Adam + Sharrna | Eyecon Photography

What made you decide on Bali?

Our first choice was actually Vegas! We wanted to have the "proper wedding" one day then do a drive through Elvis wedding the next. We wanted a destination wedding but soon realised, asking friends and family to travel all the way to Vegas just to see us get hitched, really wasn't an option. Our first holiday together was to Bali and we both love sunshine and cocktails so the decision in the end was a no-brainer.  Our friends & family absolutely love Bali as well and for those who hadn't been it was a much easier location to travel to. Destination weddings have always felt a little indulgent to us, so making this fit for many different people and budgets was really important and Bali ticked all the boxes. Best decision we ever made as it will always hold such a special place in our hearts.

Do you think having a planner helped? If so, why?

OMG yes! I was determined to do everything myself, just like always, and had done so much research but in the end the cultural and language barriers were a little difficult to navigate. We also wanted to be away from the tourist-heavy locations and the areas we were looking at were areas we had never visited before. I had contacted a few hotels and resorts for information on their wedding packages but nothing felt like it was what we wanted. I Googled "Wedding Planners in Bali" and read some very interesting blog posts...  I then came across one that mentioned Plan A. All the additional comments were positive about their experiences with Tash so I sent through an enquiry and I'm pretty sure Tash replied almost immediately! From that point on it didn't matter how many emails we sent, how many questions we asked, how many times we changed our minds or needed her to help us decide, it was like we had a friend in Bali helping us plan our wedding and it was such a wonderful feeling. We were very upfront with Tash about our budget from the beginning, which was probably very modest to many, but this did not discourage her enthusiasm or attention or the amazing result.

Adam + Sharrna | Eyecon Photography

What was the most stressful part of planning your destination wedding? (future brides take note!)

I don't think we were ever stressed about anything (thank you Tash!). Adam and I had the same ideas about how we wanted our day to go and we liked much of the same things so that made all the decisions a lot easier. I guess the only part we were apprehensive about were the Villas. Tash put us in touch with Rara from Elite Haven to get information on Villas. We wanted a Villa we could stay in as well as host the wedding plus we wanted our friends and family to have the option to stay with us or close by. The whole idea for us was to have a holiday with friends and family with our wedding thrown in. We ended up selecting a complex of villas called Majapahit Beach Villas just north of Sanur and booked the complex for a week (wishing we could stay forever!). The pictures looked amazing, the reviews were great, but nothing is ever the same in person... Tash offered to go and check it out for us no questions asked. She had previously planned an event there and said it was everything we were looking for. We trusted her advice and it totally exceeded all expectations. 

What was your happiest moment?

How can you pick just one? The whole experience was the happiest of my life.  

Hearing the beautiful vows Adam had written was so special and it meant so much to me to say mine back to him. Our "first kiss", our "first dance". Seeing all our family and friends so happy.

One really special moment was when my 2 sisters surprised me with a dance to Janet Jackson "All For You".  They lived on opposite sides of the world and each Sunday for months they would practice over a video call. They totally smashed it on the night. That's a moment I'll never forget. 

Adam + Sharrna | Eyecon Photography

If you could change anything would you? If so what and why?

I would start earlier! It all goes by so fast. If we could recreate the day over and over, we would!

I would also have more photos. I know, I know! But the photography was so beautiful I want more. I would also make sure I got photos with every guest (we only had a small intimate wedding). I think that is my only regret - friends and family who live far away and the record of our special day is a selfie! But who wants to pose for photos when you're busy dancing the night away! We also decided pretty last minute to get a videographer, and thank god we did! The quality from Eyecon Bali is second to none. Such a wonderful team that helped us capture memories we will cherish forever.

The final thing I would change would be to have the option for guests to eat the wedding cake. We had desserts for guests and did a "fake cake" so only the top was edible for the cutting display, but in the end we couldn't even eat it all! It was so beautiful and delicious it would have been great to share.

What was your experience like working with Plan A?

A+++ Dream-maker! Tash is so passionate and is great at listening to what you want or bringing to life what you can't even put into words. Nothing was ever a hassle. I loved the fact that Plan A don't necessarily do "packages", each event is tailored to the individual and that makes it so much more special. Ayu was also on hand on the day to help and was so patient and lovely. A fab team lead by a fab lady!

Adam + Sharrna | Eyecon Photography

Any recommendtions or tips for future brides?

If Tash is in your corner, you will have nothing to worry about! We didn't have any friends or family involved in decisions and that was our choice from the beginning which made it nice and easy. After all it's our day! 

Most importantly, have fun. Because in the end it's all over in the blink of an eye...


Venue: Majapahit Villas

Photography: Eyecon Photography

Florals + Lighting: Bali Tropical Florist

Furniture: Heaven Furniture Rental

Catering + Bar: Lumbung Catering

Hair + Makeup: Renee Pettit

Cake: Butter Bali

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