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Georgia's Guide for the Glo-ing Bride. An interview with the beauty and brains behind Glo Day Spa.

Glo Day Spa has been around since I can remember - or at least since I started getting pamper treatments done in Bali.

I've always loved them because it was clean, friendly and most of all, it had all the services I wanted in one place. The fact that it was run by someone who actually KNEW what she was doing was a major plus, especially back then western beauty concepts were so new to the island.

As Plan A was founded, it was only natural that we wanted to stick with - and recommend - Glo to our clients. I dont like suggesting anything or anyone to my clients unless I can personally vouch for their standards and quality myself. And Glo has those covered in spades.

Today I was lucky enough to chat to the busy woman behind all of Glo's glory, Georgia Sutherland. Georgia is not only a powerhouse in her own right, but a fellow business woman who I admire and look up to immensly.

Founder + Owner, Georgia Sutherland

Georgia, you’re pretty much the pioneer of the modern day spa concept in Bali. How and why did you start?

 I opened Glo Seminyak 15 years ago in 2005. I was actually focusing on my spa consulting business, however, realised I could not be the only resident on the island who was wanting an improved level of hygiene, sanitation and professional services using superior products.  Glo Seminyak was the first city styled day spa on the island and initially just doing beauty services. Our guests loved Glo and we slowly over time expanded to offer spa services and then a full service hair salon. Glo Sanur opened a few years later in January 2011.  Glo Sandy Bay opened July 2012. And Glo Canggu opened in May 2017.  

The late ’90s was also the beginning of the Asian spa boom and Bali was certainly one of the pioneers of this boom. I have now been working passionately with spas, salons, and wellness globally for over 20 years and have been involved in operations and opening of over 60 spas worldwide. All the hard work paid off when Glo was crowned as Bali’s Best Day Spa in 2019 by The Yak magazine and is nominated for multiple industry awards this year.  We have been building our Glo family for 15 years now with many of the team with Glo since our opening and with thousands of members, ex-pats and residents of Bali.

What were your first treatments available and how did this compare to what was available at the time?

15-years ago there was very little available to Bali residents, other than a couple of local spas and salons offering hair cream baths and manicures or pedicures and waxing but the hygiene wasn’t great. As a result, I opened Glo as the first city-styled day spa on the island, originally called Glo Nail Bar, our initial services were focused on nails and other beauty services like waxing and spray tans offering imported and premium products, professionally trained staff, and a high level of hygiene and sanitation.

As guests repeatedly asked for more services, and then we added spa treatments, other beauty services and a full service salon.

What sets Glo apart from others on the island today?

Glo is unique for many reasons – most obviously, because we are a Day Spa as well as a Hair & Beauty Salon, so we have the facilities and expertise to look after all personal grooming and relaxation needs from head to toe! Our slogan is For Vanity & Sanity and I think we cover all things vanity and sanity! 

As a whole, we believe the total Glo experience is more than just the services that we provide; it’s about the relationships we build.

Glo would not be the success it is today without the Glo family. We are a team of 65 and many have been with me since the beginning. I love my team and I know they all love working at Glo, which shows in their dedication, professionalism and passion in what they do.

All of our therapists complete a minimum hours of initial training and must display the highest level of knowledge and expertise before commencing treatments with our guests. 

When did Glo start catering to the bridal market, and what services are on offer?

When we designed the layout of Glo Sanur, we included a full service salon and hired two master stylists from Australia and two incredible Indonesian stylists and bridal followed naturally.  We are passionate about all things bridal and love what we do.  It is such an important part of our business and the team keep up with the latest trends and styles.  We take our spa and salon to you!  This is what we call our Go Glo services and the team love that their work place is different every day during the bridal season! 

We have been working with brides for 10 years now and have become the top choice for brides due to our stellar team of talented stylists, passionate MUA’s and therapists providing guests with the one-stop shop for all things hair, make up, spa, beauty and salon. 

You’ve expanded and grown year to year, with recently having won spa of the year from the annual Yak Awards. Congratulations! How much of your day to day services are taken up by wedding work?

THANK YOU! The category we won at the Yak Awards is highly competitive and reflects the strength of our brand amongst the best spa operators on the island and our dedicated team members that have stayed with us for more than a decade! I could not be more proud.

Last year in 2019, we were involved with over 200 weddings all over the island so that must have brought some attention to our work as we also partner up with some of the biggest weddings agents on the island.  We offer an extremely personalized service which includes information emails prior to the event and the brides trial, discussing ideas and finding out how we tailor the perfect look for them.

Do you recommend hair and makeup trials for brides?

Absolutely! The trial ensures that we've perfected the look and ironed out the details in advance. This is crucial to making sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding surprises. It also gives us a chance to work with your hair, see how it behaves and which items in our bag of tricks we’ll need to make it respond the way we want it to.  

Knowing the style of your dress will also influence how formal or relaxed your hair and makeup styles will be, and the accessories can play into whether you're wearing your hair up or down, looking for curls or a braid, or going soft or dramatic with your makeup. The last thing you want as a bride is the stress of not knowing the look you want will be achievable.  We take photos during the trial and note down all products used in the trial and other important information. The artist will bring the face chart to the wedding so that they have all the information they need for your big day.

How many weddings can Glo cater to in a day?

This depends on the locations of the weddings booked, size of the wedding party.  That being said, each team member will only do one wedding a day to ensure their full focus is on that bride and bridal party.

How far in advance should a bride book her services in?

By the time a bride locks in her wedding date and venue, I’d say it would be the best time to book your hair and makeup. With a special note that the most in-demand artists are usually booked early.

And finally, what do you predict Bali weddings in 2021 to be like?

Elopements and outdoor weddings seem to be the new trend following the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, I think we will see more smaller weddings in the future as celebrations will be different. We just have to adapt to what is going on and trends that will change regarding social distancing,  We are so excited for the wedding season of 2021 – it has been so sad to not do what we are passionate about this 2020.  We truly cannot wait for 2021.  Our bridal calendar is already very full so that is exciting.


All photos are property of Glo Day Spa.

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