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Lights, camera, action! A chat with Bali's freshest photographic collective.

As a planner, we constantly get emails and proposals from various vendors and suppliers who want to showcase their talent in hopes of being a suitable recommendation for our clients.

Every submission we get are talented in their own right, however our job is navigating through the enquiries and hand picking those we think are most aligned with our clients wants and needs.

Enter: Balimakna.

The moment I saw their work, I knew we would have a client base who'd just love them.

They were fresh, candid, modern. Nothing overly posed, cheesy or too serious. I agreed to meet with them knowing that the ultimate teller would be their demeanour as this can make or break a couple's confidence in front of the camera. I wasn't disappointed.

Lead by Ardi, Balimakna are a talented young group of individuals, all of whom had jobs not related to photography, but held strong passions towards photos and video as their hobby. They joined forces, and the rest is history.

Providing couples with what I feel are crisp, clean narratives of their special day, I love recommending these guys to our clients. Their quick turn around and competitive prices also add to their desirability and to this day, we've only had praise from our clients with the work Balimakna have produced for them.

Ardi! Tell us a bit about Balimakna. Who is involved and how did it start?

Hi! We're a collective of individuals, young, energetic, enthusiastic, and fun Balinese who have different educational backgrounds (ex nurse, teacher, doctor), who then decided to be a full-time photographers and videographers, not only as hobbies, but to work as full time. We are all so passionate about it, and it feels good to do something that we really love. We set creativity and precise timing as our mindset, and put it all together as a fun and casual execution.

How did you get into photography in the first place and how long have you been doing it?

It’s all start as a hobby! Back then in 2009 (and even until now), photography has been all of our favorite pastimes. We've all had almost a decade of experience not only in Bali but also in Thailand and Australia, starting from working as a second shutter with other vendors. Then on the 2nd of February 2012, Balimakna was founded by me, Ardi Supartha and we have seven regular partners in our team.

What makes wedding photography different? What are your favorite parts about it?

I’ve been shooting products, food, and fashion photography, and I think what it makes it different is meeting new couples from all over the world who have their own unique and beautiful stories of how their love began. The joy and happiness that is emitted from them makes us even more triggered and excited to deliver the best for the shoot.

How far in advance should clients be booking your services?

Ideally, no less than six months before D day to make sure the date is available. We believe meeting our potential client is essential, so we usually encourage either a direct meeting or e-meeting with them if they are not currently in Bali.

How many photographers do you recommend for one event?

We recommend having two photographers and one assistant for one event with less than ten hours duration. For a full day of wedding photography (twelve hours or even more) we strongly to have three photographers.

What are your favorite things to incorporate into your photography?

Photojournalism is totally what we are into. Taking countless photos of a split-second moments from unpredictable emotions/movements of the guests, parents, kids, and most importantly our beloved clients.

How long can couples expect to wait for their finished products and what is involved in the process between the wedding day and the day of photo delivery?

Photo editing process will take one month (30 days), meanwhile video will take two months (60 days). To make sure our clients are satisfied with the results, two rounds of revision are allowed for both photos and videos. Our premium album (with leather bag) can be processed in two weeks soon after the layouts are accepted by the client, and then shipment follows, which is covered by the clients.

Any tips for future couples?

A wedding is a sacred moment in life and most of the clients are nervous at the beginning of the ceremony. Never underestimate breakfast and don't have too many Bintang before the big day, lol.


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