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Our top 8 Bali wedding villas for your wedding!

Updated: Apr 5

Bali is literally the island of villas…they’re everywhere!! From small one bedroom studio types to grand 20 bedroom estates.

Anywhere you go in Bali you’re sure to see them, and probably even stay in them when you come here.

And while all of them are gorgeous to stay in, not all of them are good for, or even allow, events and weddings.

A lot of this is to do with the zoning of the areas and the layout of the villas themselves. While you may think inside the villa is spacious enough to hold your friends and family, you also need to consider the entry points for the vendors. Is there a vendor entry? Are the doors and walkways wide enough to fit your bar, tables, cocktail furniture or buffet setup? How accessible is it for transport?

I've often had clients tell me they’ve found the villa they want on Airbnb only to find out the villa doesn’t allow events. Usually it’ll be because they don’t have sufficient space or access for vendors. Furthermore, these Airbnb villas are often so close to their neighbors (sharing a wall), music curfews can be as early as 9pm.

But not to worry, there are stil so so SO many gorgeous villas to choose from here, and I’m going to name our top 8.

These villas are not numbered in any particular order, however the criteria I have used to include them in the top eight are:

· Cleanliness

· Accessibility

· Beauty

· Views/surroundings

· How easy it is to communicate with villa management

· How accommodating and corporative villa management is

· Ability of venue staff to support an event on the big day

Not wanting a villa? Don’t worry…I’ll be writing a post soon on non-villa venues which are just as special!

The Stones Villa

This has to be the villa of all wedding villas. It's beautiful, clean, spacious, well thought out, and is perfect for both holidayers to stay on a regular vacation or for those who want to throw an event.

I’ve found that so many villas that say they’re available for events aren’t really well thought out of in terms of layout and movement on the day. Many have huge pools leaving little grass space, forcing it to be useful and appealing only to micro weddings, or forcing the larger weddings to fork out and pay for pool coverage. Not The Stones Villa.

They have thought of EVERYTHING.

Spacious rooms, two well-kept lawn areas available for multiple uses, a pool with infinity views, undercover options for ceremony, cocktails AND dinner, guest restrooms so that guests don’t need to go through the bedrooms of those staying at the villa, a commercial kitchen for the caterers to use, and best of all, a late curfew.

The number of villas that have a 10pm1-11pm curfew is a pain point for many clients. They don’t associate Bali with early bedtimes, and this is due to the thriving nightlife here. So when they suddenly get told music off and pack down at 11pm, they’re shocked.

The Stones Villa have extended curfew hours meaning you and your guests can continue partying until 2am whether it’s on their manicured lawns under the stars, or in their specially built undergrown den equipped with PROPER speakers (no mini portable speakers here), a kitchenette and bar, toilet and more breathtaking views. Plus, its airconditioned! This villa just opened up in January 2023 meaning everything is in top working order, well maintained, and the fact it sleeps 28 people with the option of 4 extra beds, it’s a sure winner.

If I had to choose one for myself, this would be it.

Villa Plenilunio

This one is unlike any of the other villas in Bali. A long catwalk of a pool is the feature of this clifftop villa. With white being the predominant colour throughout, if has an almost Grecian feel to it with everything feeling clean and pristine. While other villas may have similarly long pools, they lack in space on either side of the pool making it awkward for movement, both for the guests and the vendors.

Villa Plenilunio has two undercover options on either side of the pool, but if it’s sunny skies, your guests can watch you walk down the aisle on the pool cover provided by the venue before transforming the space into a dining area where you can literally dance on water.

At the beginning of the pool you’ll find a gazebo with billowing drapes and lounges, ideal for naps or reading a book. When used for an event, you can create the perfect candle lit den with low seating and warm lighting.

Overlooking the ocean is a glass room perfect for massages and spa treatments.

The main building holds the below ground kitchen as well as additional bedrooms contributing to the above ground single room bungalows, sleeping a total of 20 people.

Have a larger group who want to stay with you? Across the road Villa Plenilunio extends to Plenilunio Terrazza, which is similarly designed and decorated, can fit another 16 guests and has its own pool.

You can also apply for their late-night extension meaning once it’s reached standard curfew, your whole party can move into the building on the left of the pool and carry on until 1am.

Villa Semarapura

This is an older villa, but no less deserving of a spot on this list.

The main outdoor living area is the perfect welcome spot for your guests when they arrive to take in the views as they cool down with an icy drink and cool towelette.

The grounds below are massive, and while it’s all one great big space, don’t let that dissuade you from creating something wonderful.

The best part about vast spaces is that you can design them anyway you want, creating pockets and areas for different parts of your day.

There’s the decking around the pool which can be used as both a ceremony area or a dancefloor for the party (eliminating the need for a hired dancefloor), and the main lawn can be divided into cocktail areas, dining areas, and chill out zones. I’ve done so many weddings here, all completely different in style and its for this flexibility that I always recommend this place.

Kaba-Kaba Estate

This place is truly exceptional.

Its absolutely massive and has sprawling green lawns that you can turn into absolutely anything! When an event isn’t happening, you can play croquet on the lawn with their in-house set, and they have a beautiful big pool, no neighbors, and a super fun outside entertaining area.

There are so many rooms in different parts of the estate so it’d be easy to get lost – in a fun way. It’s covered in art and unusual artifacts making it more like a live-in museum than your standard Bali villa.

The space to hold your event is so big that literally all your vendors could be on site on the main grassed area and you’d never know.

The staff that manage the villa are absolutely divine and nothing is ever too much trouble.

They are always smiling and happy to help. AND they know how to make cocktails so you just bring your spirits and they can shake some sun downer cocktails while you relax and take in the peace.

It’s a fair way out, but I feel that’s one of the more appealing parts of this venue. You’re in your own private oasis. And if you’re worried guests won’t find it, they will. It’s massive, and you can always organize shuttles to take your guests there and back.

Villa Atas Ombak

This villa has held a soft spot in my heart for years and years. I just adore it.

It ticks so many boxes. Centrally located. Large spacious grounds. Sleeps up to 10 people. Close to so many options for pre and post events. Can be decorated in so many ways making each wedding totally unique. GORGEOUS villa manager and staff. So many accommodation options for your guests nearby.

If you’re wanting beach views, location benefits, a well-maintained venue, and something that will wow both you and your guests, this is it. It’s a little pricy but it’s worth every penny in my opinion.

I’ve done so many weddings here and each one has gone seamlessly due to the space afforded for the vendors to set up as well as guests to spread out, as well as a really helpful and flexible villa management team who do their upmost to make your stay memorable and welcomed.

It's stunning during the day, the sunsets take your breath away, and when all the lights turn on at night, you are quite literally in Nirvana.

Pandawa Cliff Estate

If you want a venue that can sleep most of your guests, has MULTIPLE spaces to hold your event, and is in pristine condition, this is a no brainer.

Pandawa Cliff Estate is made up of several villas, sleeping a total of 40+ guests if rented all together. The villas are connected by way of sliding walls/gates which can also be locked and fully closed if you’re just renting partial portions of the villa.

During the pandemic, I made it my mission to keep visiting all the venues on the island to ensure they were being looked after for my clients because we had no idea when borders would open, but when they did, I’d hate for my clients to be going to their dream venue only to discover it had been poorly maintained, not aired out and left unloved.

Pandawa Cliff Estate was one of two villas I saw from dozens that was in the same condition as when people were regularly staying there.

It’s so professionally run, and the manager is a super funny guy who has your best interest at heart. It’s because of all this villa’s redeeming qualities that make it one of the most popular for weddings on the island.

The Backyard Bingin

What this villa lacks in direct ocean or palm tree views, it makes up for with set up.

The main rooms are located in the main villa, which is three stories high. It has it's 2 master suites on the ground floor separate from the main building.

I love this villa because it has several undercover areas which are essential for events taking place in the middle of the day. It can get REALLY hot so by having these spaces, your guests are always given the option for shade.

The lawn space holds enough for a ceremony which can then be converted into the reception area, and a separated smaller garden space on entry which is useful to put fun items like photo booths or a kids area if your wedding is children-friendly.

There is a main gazebo which has a fully functioning bar and lounge space which is ideal for cocktail hour, as well as a chill out zone for those needing disco naps from the dancefloor.

The villa staff are so accommodating and welcoming, always there to answer questions and help where needed. Plus, you can actually move inside after the outside curfew is reached if you're not quite done, and utilize the smaller indoor bar for drinks and shenanigans.

Khayangan Estate

Last but not least is the Khayangan Estate. Fit for royalty and for those couples who want the WOW factor for their wedding.

Nothing compares to this stunner, its jaw dropping in every way.

There are multiple usable spaces, one leading on from the other, meaning you can take your guests on a moving journey through your event with different scenery and feels for every part.

The rooms are giant, and I feel like it’s the epitome of what people have in their minds when they think of “Bali Paradise”.

They have a tennis court next to their grand winding entrance to the main villa, a stunning spa room overlooking the water, a coconut grove with a nearby plunge pool and gazebo where you can relax and watch the day go by. I also love it for the plentiful shade, not many larger villas afford this.

For events, it’s unparalleled and you would be treating your guests, and yourself, to a day and night no one will forget.

It's truly incredible and you’ll never want to leave.

There are of course so many gorgeous villas, and if I mentioned all of the ones I love I’d never finish typing.

But these are my favorites for events, and hopefully I’ve given you a little insight into all of them which may help you narrow down your search.

If I can stress one thing though. You want your wedding to be magical of course, but keep in mind you have to rent these places for their minimum stay meaning you’ll be using these villas predominantly as accommodation over an event space so make sure you choose one where the villa management and staff are kind, flexible, accommodating, courteous and are there to make your stay easy and enjoyable. I’ve come across some less than palatable management and for that reason alone I no longer recommend certain villas because at the end of the day, my client’s overall enjoyment and happiness comes first.


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