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Paige West, Your Makeup Guru

Where do I start. I met Paige in the most unusual of ways.

I was in Melbourne last year, on one of my usual trips to Australia to meet and greet with clients, and I had a dinner on one of the nights I was there.

It was a fancy dinner and I thought okay this is one I’d probably need to have makeup done for.

I dont wear a lot of makeup normally. I mean, I love dolling up on special occasions, but if you’ve met me, you’ll know Im normally running around in active wear with a laptop in one hand and a take away coffee in the other.

I’m also really fussy and particular when it comes to makeup, so I didn’t want to just go with recommendations or walk into a makeup store in hopes someone would do it. I scrolled Instagram for ages until I found Paige. I immediately fell in love with her work. Everything she did was so fine, precise, polished and flawless. It was makeup you’d feel beautiful in but not feel like you had caked it on.

I reached out….and….she was fully booked. For weeks. Rooky mistake on my behalf.

Nevertheless, it became one of those instant friendships where we’d regularly message and check in on each other.

Turned out it was her dream to live in Bali and I gave her all the info she would need if she ever decided to make the move.

Then by chance, an opening came up at my favourite day spa, Glo, and I sent it to her straight away and said look! You need to apply!

She did, and the rest is history.

I can also now say, having had Paige do my makeup (finally!!), that she literally has the golden touch. Absolutely insanely talented.

I reached out to Paige recently to get her take on flawless makeup in Bali, and here's her take:

Paige West

"So, you’re getting married in Bali? Great choice. How exciting!

Good thing you’ve found this blog, because I’m about to tell you everything important you need to know about getting your makeup done on your big day in Bali.

My name’s Paige and I’m a professional Makeup Artist from Melbourne, Australia.

I should start off with a little bit about me, so you feel more comfortable about listening to advice from a reliable source.

I completed my diploma of specialised makeup at Victoria University and once completed, I worked with some big cosmetic brands such as MAC Cosmetics. After gaining my experience and knowledge from working on the makeup counters I moved on to do my own thing as a freelance makeup artist for weddings and events in Melbourne.

I am now living in the beautiful Bali as a makeup artist specialising in weddings, and that’s why I’m here to help answer some of your questions on getting your makeup done for your special day in Bali. Because let’s be honest, getting your makeup done In Bali is a completely different ball game. If you don’t know what I mean by that I’m talking about the good old Bali heat and humidity, which if you’ve been to Bali before you know what I mean.

So, with this being said, you want to make sure your artist is trained and prepared in making your makeup withstand this weather.

A few things that you can personally do as a bride to prepare for this is:

- Choose a more minimal look. You know the saying “less is more”? Well yeah that’s definitely the case here. The more product you have on your face, the more obvious it will be when it comes off. If you’re usually one to ask for a full coverage look, you might want to try the less is more approach. But trust me this doesn’t mean you still can’t achieve a flawless base.

- Buy yourself some Blotting papers. Blotting papers are these magical thin pieces of “tissue paper” if I’m trying to best describe them. All you do is lightly dab one on your face and it soaks up all the oil off your face like a sponge, without removing any of the makeup.

- Every artist is going to be different in what products they like to use but with my own experience make sure you’ve been powdered. Even if you have dry skin it doesn’t matter, you don’t have to use a heap, and a lot of powders these days are pretty creamy and not too dry. Powder will stop your foundation from being too shiny and coming off. Think of it as the protector of your foundation. You can either use a powder foundation if you’re wanting a bit more coverage to your foundation, or a translucent powder if you’re happy with the coverage from the foundation. But make sure the artist is using a powder that will give you NO flash back.

What is Flash Back? Have you ever seen a photo of yourself or someone else and a white cast shows up on their face? Generally, underneath the eyes? Well that is from Silica which is in powders that are used to set the face. Thankfully now there are a lot of great powders on the market that don’t do this. Just make sure your makeup artist has one of those great powders. I, and a lot of other makeup artists, love to use the powder from Laura Mercier. It’s a translucent powder that is soft and smooth and has no colour or flash back. So, if you see this in the kit, you should be okay.

Apart from the heat and humidity there is a few other things you need to be think of. For example, if my makeup artist is based in Bali, do I really need a trial? The answer is YES! A lot of brides come over to Bali pre-wedding to check out venues, go on tastings and whatever else there is to be done. This is when brides often come and do a makeup and hair trial as well. The reason why trials are so important is because of a few things:

- Trials are the time you get to ask your artist all the questions you have about your makeup, and any concerns you may have too. It will help to put your mind at ease, and you’ll be getting some helpful advice from your artist.

- You get to see if that artist is the right artist for you. Usually the bride will tell the artist the look they desire, and the artist will try and replicate it best to their talent, whilst also being honest on what look will suit you best.

- It is having the opportunity to change the makeup and play around if you’re not totally happy. It doesn’t necessarily mean the whole look but could be just the small things like no eyeliner, more eyeliner, lipstick colours, eyeshadow colours and so on.

- This is a great opportunity to talk about the timing on your wedding day as well. Like how long does the artist need per person, and what time should you start and in what order?

If you can’t get to Bali for a trial that’s okay. But try and at least have an over the phone consultation with the artist or maybe try to squeeze one in on one of the few days you’re in Bali before the wedding.

Now something I’d like to urge to you soon to be brides is please don’t try and get a natural tan the week leading up to your wedding in Bali. There is a chance of you either being burnt on your wedding day or peeling, and neither is nice on the day. I know a sun kissed tan is more tempting then a fake one but is it worth the risk? Unfortunately, us makeup artist aren’t miracle workers and there’s not much we can do about it. Sunburn is very hard to hide, and it makes your skin hot, and when your skin is hot the foundation tends to separate. And as far as it goes with peeling, there’s not much we can do for that either.

So, if you do decide to get a spray tan instead then I’d recommend you doing it once you get to Bali. There are some great salons on the island that do them, and you’ll have it looking nice and fresh. If you come to Bali before your wedding maybe this is another trial you could get done if you have trust issues with tans (don’t we all!).

A little tip when it comes to fake tans is hydrate as much as you can that week. From the inside out. This will help your skin be more hydrated which will help the tan last much longer and stop the tan from sticking to any dry areas.

Speaking of skin, one of the most frequently asked questions I get asked is what skin preparation should I do? Well:

- This is advice I can really only give you once I know a little bit more about your skin as everyone will be different. So you’ll have to get this advice from your artist once she has the run down about your skin. Another reason why trials are important.

- I say to my clients to get any treatment done 1-2 weeks before the wedding, closer to 2 weeks if you can. Your skin may break out from the treatment so you should give you skin enough time to detox and recover, as well as in case you have a reaction to the treatment or facial.

- Face masks, eye pad gels etc. are fine to use the week or day before, even the day of the wedding. But I recommend you trying it out before the wedding so you know it’s a good one for your skin and that there will be no reactions.

- Keep hydrated! Water is one of the most important steps in skincare, so make sure you drink plenty in the lead up.

Another good topic to talk about is what kind of makeup style to go with on your wedding day. Everyone’s going to be different and have their own taste and style which I love because I think it’s important to stay true to yourself, and your makeup, wedding dress and everything else on the day is your style and what youlove. After all, the day is about you! Oh, and the celebration of love and your partner of course. But if you’re still unsure on what look you want then maybe I can help with a few tips:

- Try and go with a nude lipstick or something easy to maintain. Now the only reason I say this is because if you do choose to do a bright colour or dark lip are you committed to the maintenance throughout the day? Its something to consider. Especially if you don’t have a makeup artist staying on throughout the wedding for touch ups.

- False lashes or no false lashes? Well there’s a few options. There’s mascara, which is more of your natural look, there’s individual lashes which are still natural but give you that little bit of extra length and volume to your natural lashes, and then there’s strip lashes which come in all different shapes and sizes and can definitely help you achieve more of a glam look. Or you can get eyelash extensions. If you want eyelash extensions for your wedding day make sure it’s a fresh set! Much more flattering to have a full set of lashes than half of them missing.

- Go with eyeshadow colours that will help bring your eye colour out. For me making the eyes stand out is one of the most stunning things about having your makeup done.

- Make sure it’s a look you feel comfortable wearing. You still want to be you when you have your makeup done so make sure if you’re not feeling it, tell your artist.

- Do you go with what’s in trend or go with a more classic look? Well your safest bet is classic but in saying that, your makeup should be a reflection of your personality, so if you feel like what’s currently in trend is totally your style then I don’t see why not. Or if you’re in two minds you can always combine the two together! Incorporate some of the things you love about the current trend into a more classical look. Your artist should be able to help brainstorm ideas on how to combine the two.

Okay well I think I have covered a lot of it, not everything, but everything that’s important.

I just want to give a little disclaimer and say that every artist will have different advice, this is mine. And I’m sure once you talk with your artist they’ll go through a lot of the same topics I have. Just remember that no question is a dumb question! Us artists aren’t here just to do your make up, we are here to help you.

Having a makeup artist for your wedding is a different kind of experience to the times you’ve had your makeup done for an event. This time it’s a whole new connection. We are part of your special day, and we will help make it special."

To check out Paige's work, head to her instagram here.


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