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Pre & Post Events for your Bali wedding!

Destination weddings are so much fun. Instead of dedicating just one day to the special occasion, having your wedding overseas, like in Bali, affords you a week-long celebration extravaganza! Everyone has flown in from all over the world to one location…to celebrate YOU and the love you and your partner are committing to.

Throughout this time, you may want to have itineraries or activities written on your wedding website for guests to get a better feel for the island. You may include sight-seeing, adventures, the latest hot spots to go to or any other information they might need or want during their time with you. This allows your guests to really make the most of their trip to Bali during moments when the wedding isn’t at the forefront. Not everyone will have to do everything together, but there are two days that most couples really do want everyone together besides the wedding, and that’s the welcome drinks/ice breaker dinner and the recovery.

The welcome drinks are almost essential. Not everyone arriving will know each other, so having a pre-event where family and friends from both sides can officially meet each other and get to know one another is a really good idea. This way, on the big day, it’s more of a coming together of loved ones rather than a bunch of strangers who ended up at a table together!

Welcome drinks don’t have to be a big boozy affair either – save that for the wedding. More so a space where nibbles and light refreshments are served and people can both relax and get excited for the coming days of festivities.

The recovery day has in recent times become increasingly popular. With curfews pretty tight on the island for midnight, many couples who would normally have wanted their wedding to go on ‘til the early hours of the morning as they may have done at home, have now opted to continue on the next day.

It’s a much more casual affair. Think bikinis around a pool, a Bloody Mary station, a big BBQ or fry up, and endless laughs and memories made from the night before.

Definitely a memorable way to end a week of fun before everyone heads home.

We’ve compiled a list of places we love here in Bali that would be perfect to host one or both of these days.

You can also have these extra events at your villa ,however our advice is best not to have the welcome drinks at your villa, save the big reveal for the wedding.

As for the recovery, just keep in mind that if you plan on having everyone back, have a bar, catering, music and all of that, you’ll be subject to paying another events fee – yuck!

So opting for a public venue, and blocking out a space could save some pennies as you’d only be needing to pay for a minimum spend per head, and can dictate what is and isn’t available for your guests. Anything outside your set tab, can still be purchased but at your guests’ expense.

Mari Beachclub

This brand -ew beach club that just opened in Batu Belig is what tropical dreams are made of. Curved bamboo architecture suround the two pools, which are curved in design and look more like ponds than pools. The sound system is amazing, food delicious, and they have a wonderful selection of drinks. There are so many different types of seating areas too which makes it a great spot to choose whether you’re doing something intimate for just the girls or boys, or plan on having the whole guestlist here for a ‘Welcome to Bali’ introduction for everyone. Highly recommended!

Photo Credit: Mix Mag Asia

El Kabron

This classic cliff club is just a stunner, and faces the iconic Uluwatu ocean. They’ve expanded since they first opened and are available for both smaller party bookings to entire buy outs. There’s probably nowhere else that offers that quintessential Bali cliff view with the palms swaying that can fit that many people for a welcome evening or recovery AND serve top notch food and drinks, and it’s definitely a place high on our list of recommendations.

Photo Credit: El Kabron

Revolver Canggu

As the pioneer to real coffee on the island, Revolver has grown in leaps and bounds, and their new Canggu restaurant is everything! Incredible food, gorgeous interiors and obviously, the best espresso martinis on the island!

We love this place, particularly the back courtyard area which features chandeliers under a canopy of hanging florals.

With a bar both in the main restaurant as well as the outside area, Revolver Canggu is ideal for either the welcome drinks and snacks or, perfect for a more intimate dinner with just the bridal party. Definitely worth checking out!

Photo Credit: Revolver Espresso


This new restaurant and bar in Uluwatu is ahead of the game when it comes to culinary fusions! With a menu mixing Japanese and Mexican dishes, and a cocktail list featuring tequila drinks, amongst others, this is the cutest set up for a welcome dinner in their outdoor courtyard, before moving to their open-air bar and dancing the night away. The team running this place is so much fun, and your guests are all bound to be best friends with each other after a night here.

Photo Credit: Tabu


Perched above the Uluwatu Surf Villas, Mana offers you two options. Whether it’s a long table dinner for you and your bridal party in their restaurant area, or a full ‘do’ downstairs by their pool. Stunning views, and family friendly, you can book out the whole lower area and have a bbq or food stalls with drinks to either welcome your guests to Bali, or make it the ideal recovery day with Bloody Marys making the rounds every 15 minutes. The food is truly delicious, and it’s a great pick for those travelling with little ones.

Photo Credit: Uluwatu Surf Villas


This hidden gem in Canggu is just beautiful, and they really do put a lot of effort into their menus. Tucked away near Echo Beach, you and your loved ones can relax around their pool, have a band play and enjoy cocktails in the sun alongside some yummy food. We’d definitely recommend this for our couples staying on Canggu side. Definitely one of our top picks for a recovery or a long lunch with the boys or girls.

Photo Credit: Koast Bali


Absolutely stunning venue, and centrally located in Berawa, Mosto features mouthwatering modern European cuisine and a drinks list to match. It’s also Indonesia’s first natural wine bar which means if you’re a wine drinker – this is heaven.

You can do a total buy out and make it the watering hole to welcome all your guests before the wedding. Service is stellar and being so well located, people won’t have trouble to find transport when it’s time to stumble home.

Photo Credit: Hype Beast


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