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Rain rain go away…or not? Benefits of having your wedding in the “Rainy Season”.

Venues are more affordable

It’s a fact that the prices of villas - and hotel rooms for that matter - decrease during the off season in Bali. With venues often eating up a huge chunk of your budget, this will give you more bang for your buck, so to speak. You could get the same villa you're in love with for sometimes hundreds of dollars less than peak season prices. What more could you want? By saving here, it means you have more in your budget to play with. Whether you use this excess to pimp up your decor, pay for your guests food and beverages on your welcome nights/recovery parties instead of making them pay, or simply save it away for your honeymoon. The choice is yours.

Nathan + Melissa | Van Middleton Photography

Venues require less minimum nights

Tying in with point one, villas in particular also require less minimum nights to take a booking. I have a lot of clients who get married in high season, and only want two or three nights in their villas…largely due to cost, but also because they want a change of scenery after the wedding. However, minimum nights can go from five nights right up to a full week in high season, and lets face it, not everyone can afford those extra nights they don't technically want on top of the mandatory event fee. Marry in low season, and you can get away with two or three nights instead!

Avalon + Conchita | Lykke Photography

Availability of your vendors become significantly higher

You’re almost guaranteed that your preferred vendors will be available on your wedding day. Many vendors can carry out multiple weddings a day, florists and caterers in particular. But if you’re after the services of a person who’s business is literally them, then you need to get in super early to avoid competition. Sometimes though you're not ready to pay a deposit so early, and here comes the dilemma.

Once they’re booked, they’re booked - and you miss out. 

Having your wedding in the rainy season means your favourite photographer, singer or makeup artist will be there for you.

Ellis + Georgie | Eyecon Photography

Vacancy of restaurants and hotels is a plus

Often couples like to integrate breakfasts, lunches, dinners and activities for their guests to enjoy during their time in Bali. In high season, you absolutely have to book everywhere, some venues even have lines just to have breakfast. While this is fine if it's just you and your partner, it’s an extra stress and more organising to do when you are dealing with larger bookings. 

In the low season, you’re going to be able to get the best spots at the day clubs, first preference of tables at restaurants, and even activities such as white water rafting or booking a boat for the day won’t need to be done so far in advance, so you won’t make the mistake of having to over book so far in advance only for numbers to drop and having to pay the excess.

This is also good for your guest accommodation. Not only will it be cheaper, but they’ll have more options.

Adam + Natalie | Eyecon Photography

Less traffic

Who doesn’t like less traffic. I remember when Sunset Road was nothing more than just a rocky track. I’m not even joking. The past couple of decades has seen a major influx of businesses, houses, residents, and of course, traffic. 

This is one of the logistical nightmares we often have to deal with when the wedding venue is somewhere far from the centre such as Uluwatu or up towards Tanah Lot, yet the guests want to stay in Seminyak. Trying to estimate departure and arrival times for guests to leave their hotel and get to the wedding is loose at best. Traffic can be an absolute nightmare and you will be stuck for over an hour, easily.

Low season often equals less people on the roads, and we can estimate your transport times much better ensuring your big day is on time.

Martin + Laura | Diktat Photography

At the end of the day, it’s just rain. And yes, while its not ideal, and most of you dont think of rain when you conjure up images of Bali in your mind, it does take up about half of our year. 

Use the weather to your advantage…you can get some incredible shots when the weather is moody. Dark clouds, wind twirling your veil in the air, waves crashing violently against the rocks…some of these photos are so much more beautiful than a simple blue sky. 

The vegetation is much more green too, so the landscapes at your chosen venues will be vibrant to say the least. 

And lastly, the sun does come out. It often pours in the morning for several hours non stop, then clears up, often painting some beautiful colours in the sky as the sun plays hide and seek with the clouds. Just choose venues that have undercover options for dining and you’l be more than okay.


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