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The invisible vendor...Arguably one of the most important vendors for your wedding, and why!

I was delighted to get down and into details with Mahrus, head of Allegro Entertainment.

We've been working alongside each other since day dot, so to be honest it doesn't even feel like we are two separate feels more like we are a joint company. Our staff know his staff and working together has become second nature. Thats the best thing about using trusted become family and want to see each other win, so you always end up helping each other on the day whether or not the work is directly related to you or not.

I thought it was important to interview Mahrus, as the background and "invisible" aspects often go unthanked or unrecognised, despite the fact that no event could happen without them.

Allegro is the reason our clients have power for their fairy lights, speakers for their DJ, and entertainment for their guests.

Tell us a bit about Allegro, and how did it first start?

Allegro started in March of 2004.

We initially started as a musician community, who provided music talent & performers to hotels, restaurants and cafes who needed our service for events, weddings, parties and their daily entertainments.

Then in 2008, I decided to provide sound systems and stage equipment, because I thought it would be easier for our clients to hire us as a package service.

It was also more comfortable for our musicians and talent to work with our own equipment team, because we already knew each other and knew how to set up their riders on stage since we always did this together in the past.

It is very important to build a good working chemistry and communication between performers and stage crew, so we can do our best at every event and minimise possible malfunctions should they happen.

What are your main services and what else do you offer? Whats the most popular service?

For now, our main services are providing musicians, other talent and sound equipment.

We have many kind of music styles such as jazz, top 40’s, salsa & latin, even an ethnic band performance.

Our most popular service are the jazz band performance, we have 2 different bands who perform weekly at 5 star hotels in Seminyak and Nusa Dua.

What is the most challenging parts of your job?

Setting up sound systems & staging equipment are the most challenging, because we mostly do this for outdoor weddings and parties.

We definitely need back up plans in case the weather goes a bit wild (it can be very unpredictable at times) so we can be prepared if there is any accidental issues on the spot such as rain. We also need to bring extra equipment without knowing if it'll be used or not in the cases where we accept a last minute call without knowing how the venue layout is, how many people will be at the event, and/or we have no clue if there'll be any live performances on that day.

So, we always have to prepare everything earlier and handle every situation the best we can to make our clients happy.

That is part of our services after all :)

People often underestimate the importance of a good sound system. What is your advice?

I think the most important thing is knowing what kind of ambience is wanted for a specific event, how big the venue is, how many people will be there and what kind of live entertainment will perform - if any.

From there, we can decide how many speakers & and what equipment is needed to set up to cover it all, then it will be much efficient with the budget usage.

For example: if the event will be attended by 30-60 guests, and they just want to chill & enjoy their party in one area with some background music, then we can using a simple sound system, less crew, and less set up time, so it wont be complicated and it will save costs.

But, if we have a party with DJs or a band performing, surely we will need to have a bigger set up even if the guests will only total 30-60 people.

Of course we dont want the guests to get upset about the sound quality if we only put small speakers for a DJ right? :)

Once again, it's best if clients or a party planner has clear communication with the sound system vendor to discuss what they need and how the rundown will be, well in advance.

That way, we can create an amazing atmosphere for the event, especially for a wedding party.

Besides weddings, what other industries does Allegro service?

We also provide a fireworks and a pyro tech if there is any request from the client. It includes the necessary police permit. The Banjar permit is usually organised by the villa/hotel.

Fireworks are often a popular request. Can you tell us more about the options for this that you provide?

Fireworks is something that clients need to book as early as possible, because we have to process the police permit at least 1 week before and then we can go to ask for the Banjar permit if the venue doesn't do this.

Also, we need to string the fireworks together from the factory box into a circuit board because we turn it on with an electrical switch and console.

Depending on how many firework shots that the clients request, the time to set up will vary.

How far in advance should people be booking their services with you?

The sooner the better. All this equipment is needed for all events, so in order to make sure you have everything you need, we have to know quite early on so we can prepare it and set it aside for you.

Finally, what do you predict to be the next big thing for the entertainment industry for weddings?

I believe the entertainment industry in Bali will grow bigger with a lot of various services to offer, since Bali is one of the most popular wedding destination in the world. They have to continually provide new and exciting acts.

We also have a lot of creative vendors/services here for that which is gives more options for the client to choose from. Most of them are competent in this industry who will work with passion and always do the best they can to make their clients satisfied.


  • All photos in this post are Mahrus' own.

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