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Top 5 Bali Wedding Planner Questions.

I was recently asked by The Bali Bride to write a piece for their blog. The top 5 questions we get asked the most. While there are definitely more than 5, I'd say these were the most relevant in the current situation.

I hope you find this helpful. You can find the original piece here, or continue reading below.

Thank you to The Bali Bride for inviting me to write.

How much is a Bali wedding?

This is a hard one. It’s kind of like asking how long is a piece of string? Weddings will vary in cost due to so many factors. The cost of the venue, which vendors you decide to go with, what alcohol and food packages you choose, how many guests you invite and so on.

Something like pampas grass which needs to be imported is going to cost you a hell of a lot more than local green foliage, a stand up cocktail menu will be much more affordable than a three course sit down menu due to less man power and equipment needed, and providing drinks for 40 people will be a lot cheaper than providing for 80!

The first thing you’ll need to work out is the budget you’re prepared to spend. From there look at the venues you love the most. Once the venue is accounted for, how much does that leave you with? What can you go without and what is a non-negotiable?

Speak to your wedding planner about your remaining budget, and give them a detailed idea of the look and feel you want for your wedding. Your planner will then be able to tell you whether your budget is realistic or not, and if it’s not, they’ll suggest some ways to cut out what you don’t need.

Alternatively, they’ll put everything you want on an invoice, and by seeing how much you’re over (if you’re over) you’ll be able to take away what isn’t crucial until you’re happy. So how much is a Bali wedding? It all depends on what you want and how many you’re catering for.

Jordan + Kat | Terralogical

Can our friend/family member be the photographer/celebrant/DJ/makeup artist?

Unless they are a registered business or have the correct paperwork and valid working visa, the answer is no.

Indonesia has super strict laws and regulations, and have zero tolerance for those who work or provide services without the right registrations. It’s a long and expensive process to set up a company in Indonesia, where the owner(s) need to comply with certain laws and pay their taxes. Those working without the correct authorization are seen as evading the law, and taking jobs away from those who have taken the time (and finances) to do it properly.

Even if your friend or family member are doing it for free or as a gift, they still see it as taking the place of someone who could potentially be earning an income, and going ahead with such plans could result in deportation, hefty fines, and loss of license to your planner for allowing it in the first place.

Chris + Louisa | Eyecon

What if we need to cancel, can we get our deposit back?

This will totally depend on the individual planner and vendors you engage, although I’d say for the majority, it would be a straight up no.

Whether it’s a personal reason you are cancelling, or its due to a Force Majeure, deposits are required to secure your date with your chosen suppliers. Once they lock in your date, they often have to say no to all other enquiries for the same date. So, one reason it’s nonrefundable is the fact that they have saved your date, and missed out on other clients who may have wanted the same date, and not cancelled. By you cancelling they’re then missing out on the balance of their payment.

Further to this, deposits are necessary for the general running of a company. The deposit isn’t JUST for your item. A deposit covers overheads such as storage facilities, transport, salaries, office rent, and so on. Asking for a deposit back when it’s already been put towards the general running and upkeep of a business is an impossibility.

Lastly, and this is specifically in reference to vendors who you have been in constant contact with such as your planner, or in some cases your florist, they have actively worked for you right up until the point of your cancellation, so asking for a deposit back on work completed isn’t generally a done thing, in any business in any country.

What I can recommend is getting wedding insurance in the case of a cancellation. Most vendors are also happy to give you a credit for the services or products should you want to sell them on to someone else or use them at a later date.

Do we even need a planner?

I wouldn’t say NEED no, but I’d definitely strongly advise you to get one.

A planner is great for so many reasons.

They are your eyes and ears on the ground, they represent you, and are there when you cannot be. They’ll be there to negotiate with your vendors, do your site inspections, and give you seasoned, unbiased advice and opinions on what you should be doing for your big day.

They’ll keep you up to date with what payments need to be made, what you should be doing at any given time in the lead up to the big day, and are there as your sounding board if you have any doubts or concerns.

Once the big day comes along, you literally need to do nothing except enjoy your big day!

They’ll be there from morning ensuring the layout is as you want, all the vendors are there on time and the services or products you’ve ordered are exactly as you envisioned.

Most villas now will require you to hire a planner in order to have a wedding there, and with all the quotes and invoices you’ll be getting when deciding on vendors, it’ll be much easier getting it from one source than twenty!

Kent + Leilani | Terralogical

How do we know that you and/or the vendors are legit?

Your planner and vendors should be able to provide you with all the legitimate documentation and proof of their valid working visas if you ask.

It’s a long and arduous task to get your business registered in Indonesia so your vendors would only be too happy to show you that they are the real deal.

Be dubious of anyone who avoids showing you or keeps delaying it. Don’t be afraid to ask, and if they say “its coming” or “I can’t seem to find it right now”, keep the peace but move on you don’t want legal dramas down the road.

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