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Ways to increase guest comfort.

Destination weddings are always that little bit more special because your guests are coming from near and far to be with you on your special day. They've paid money, taken time off work, made arrangements to leave their homes for a period of time and dedicated that block of time to you and your fiancé, to share what will be a beautiful memory in years to come.

So it's only natural, that to thank and acknowledge those who've made the effort you ensure that they are happy, and comfortable throughout their stay as well as on the wedding night itself.

I've put together a few ideas you can incorporate to make sure this plays out for them, and some of them don't even cost a cent!

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Cool them down!

Bali is hot. Theres no argument about it. In addition to the heat it's incredibly humid which can be super uncomfortable. I've lived there for majority of my life and I still cant handle the humidity! So for guests coming from overseas, particularly those ones in colder climates, it could be a rude shock.

You'll have seen countless photos of hand held fans on offer for guests. I cant recommend this enough. Not only is it a cute and light keepsake, easily reusable, but they're actually really functional. Women always grab these and it helps in moments such as the ceremony which can often lead to 30 mins of sitting still in the heat or even at cocktail time, where it gets most sticky before the sun sets.

Alternatively, if you're getting married in the muggier seasons, you can hire electric standing fans, with or without misters attached, to cool everyone down throughout the whole event. Having cold towels on guest arrival or even after the ceremony is also a great touch that your guests will appreciate.

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Have an itch free night.

The dreaded mosquitos. They don't go near some people, yet love others, and being a tropical island, Bali has no shortage of them. They can single handedly ruin your night or sleep when you cant stop scratching. What was that famous quote again? Oh that's right. "If you think you're too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito", by the Dalai Lama. And I completely agree. Not to mention the stress some people get thinking their bite will lead to dengue fever.

See if you can get some mosquito coils going under the dining tables (mosquitos seem to love ankles!), or make it as part of your gift to your guests and give personalised bottles of mosquito repellant to your guests. They can use it on the night of your wedding as well as for the rest of their trip.

If none of them appeal to you, then at least insist that your villa or planner has some on hand (as well as a basic first aid kit), as I guarantee that you'll have guests asking for it throughout the night.

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Toilet breaks.

Get yourself a venue with multiple bathroom options for your guests. We all know how frustrating it is when you're at a restaurant, festival, concert, anywhere really and there are limited bathrooms for a large amount of people. You waste so much time waiting, and they get so dirty.

Minimise your guests time away from the action by setting aside a minimum of two bathroom options. You can divide it into mens and womens or just have it as unisex, either way, your guests will thank you.

All that drinking will naturally make your guests need to go more, plus those with children know that they need a little longer in there so it helps to have options for those who just cant wait.

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Have you counted your steps?

No, im not talking about your Fitbit. Im talking about the number of steps and staircases your venue has. So many venues are so stunning, they're Vogue Living worthy. In fact I'm sure a few have even been featured. But stairs can be a nightmare for some of your guests, namely the older ones or those with disabilities. Try and find venues that have easy walk ways and minimal steps if possible. The venues are big enough a they are, so adding extra perceived hurdles to those less physically able can be another bother or even painful for them. If your venue does have many steps, then make sure it at least has an alternative access route for those who can't use them.

In addition, once everyone is drunk, it definitely is safer for all if the ground is flat! Falling down stairs and breaking a bone while intoxicated is highly undesirable to say the least.

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Stay hydrated.

Yeah yeah, I know this is a boring one, but honestly. You'll feel 1000000% better throughout the night as well as the next day. It sounds lame, but having non alcoholic drinks and coconuts available for your guests is so essential. From their welcome drinks during the hottest part of the day right until the end of the night.

The heat and humidity, not just on the day but for the duration of your stay leading up to the wedding will severely dehydrate you and no doubt you'll have already loaded up on the cocktails. Keeping hydrated means you'll last longer, not get too wasted too early, and not have to deal with a splitting headache the morning after in the mid morning sun.

An easy way to keep this option available is have a station with a variety of fun and yummy non-alcoholic drink options and jugs or bottles of water on the tables.

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Beep beep! You need transport?

I think this is a great option to provide for every wedding, but especially to those couples who are pedantic about timing and punctuality. Your guests may have been to Bali many times before, but most venues are outside the areas of your local haunts. You need to get out of the centre and head down winding roads, past rice paddies or through some back road. Even if you provide a map, your guests can get lost, internet connection can be patchy so Maps could freeze out, or their friendly taxi driver may take them on a "scenic" route instead. The last thing you want is for your ceremony to be held up because a family member has taken a wrong turn, or a large group of friends travelling together were taken to the wrong venue.

Hiring mini buses through your planner with easy set locations for pick up and drop off will ensure your guests don't get lost and flustered, know they will get home in one piece, and you'll have peace of mind knowing exact timing of guest arrival because the planning team are in constant contact with the drivers. In addition, the guests will arrive all at once, not in dribs and drabs, creating uncertainty of who's still on their way or missing.

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Take a seat!

I get a lot of clients initially not wanting to add too much extra seating at their weddings out of fear that their guests will just sit and be mellow and not get into the festivities. Its a common misconception but in reality, is the complete opposite of what happens. You NEED lots of seating options. Whether it comes in the form of bar stools, lounges, benches or picnic style pillow set ups. Standing the entire time, in the heat, on grass can get tiring very fast. Your guests, especially those who are older or brought kids (or those who wear stilettos) need to take a break from standing. Its a chance to replenish, revive, chat, and connect. Your guests will run out of steam a lot faster by not providing them with time out areas, believe me. And get a variety of seating. Kids dont do well on bar stools, the elderly cant get up from floor pillows, and men generally dont like sitting on lounge seats. Well that's what I've found.

Plus, it gives the few who take it too far a place for a little disco nap between dances.

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Where, what, who, when, what.

Finally, something that can never go astray, is a list of contacts. Whether you post this on your wedding website, or send it out with your invitations, I think giving your guests a comprehensive guide to all things Bali is so helpful and relieves those worried about being in a foreign country.

Not only would it be helpful to give them tips on your favourite coffee spots, spas, beach clubs and dinner options, but giving them a list of emergency contact details and their locations is ideal. Everything from your preferred local hospital, ambulance, travel agent, dentist and consulate. You can even put your planner's details on there so any questions or concerns can go straight to the experts and leave you to focus on your wedding.

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I hope these have been helpful, sometimes its the little things that make the biggest difference!


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