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Wedding Favours for your guests.

Wedding favours. Every wedding has them. Do you need them? Not really. Are they a nice touch? Definitely. Especially when it comes to destination weddings. It’s a momento not just of your big day, but of a wonderful holiday that all your guests were able to enjoy at a happy moment in life.

Having a destination wedding does add some restrictions though on what those wedding favours can be. You don’t want anything too big, bulky, fragile or organic due to any quarantine restrictions in your home country when you bring them back.

Popular wedding favours in Bali include personalized fans (great for the heat), stubby holders (keep those drinks icy!) and luggage tags.

People choose these for their functionality, affordability and size. However, if you want something a little different, I’ve come up with a few other ideas that could be great for your big day! And remember, all of these can be totally personalized.

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Pillow slips

Linen bedding. Personally, I love it. Having well made, good quality pillow slips, embroidered with your hashtag or a little sentence to remember the night with.

I’m a huge fan of Kate James Studios, who are able to do just that. Locally made with quality and comfort in mind, this stylish designer is based in Bali, meaning you woulndt have to bring anything over. We can organize them for you for your arrival, and when its time for your guests to leave, they fold up nice and neat for their suitcases.


A great way to give your guests a memento without spending too much or them having to worry about keeping it in a safe spot all night is with a cupcake! Or slices of your wedding cake. Hear me out.

These days, most couples still get a wedding cake. However, most guests don’t eat the cake because by the time that it comes out, they’re full and ready to party. A great way to say good night to your guests is for the cake to be cut (or easier if you have a small cake topping a cupcake tower), and put into personalized take home boxes. As guests leave, they are handed their edible keepsake. Something to munch on when they’re drunk back at their hotel, or as a naughty brekky for when they’re hung over the next morning. And there’s no waste. A great way to take advantage of something you’ll already have at your wedding.

Need direction on where to get your cake? Look no further than Butter Bali!

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I'm a firm beliver that a wedding should ignite all your senses. The taste of the food, the sound of the music, the sight of the glowing lights.

But more often than not, people forget about scent. It’s our strongest sense, so why wouldn't you invigorate it. Having a personalized scent for the night, whether it be a body oil, or even a fragrant insect repellant (also useful) makes for a huge wow factor.

I love Bunga Seni and Utama Spice in particular. They’re able to customize everything from the smell to the label…even the bottle. What better way to send off your guests with a token that will take them back to your big night every time they open the lid.

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Shot glasses

Now these are useful. Easily engraved, you can place one at each place setting or make a shot wall with each guest's shot waiting for them along with their table number. Get your guests to raise their shots as you re enter for the reception or for a cheers during speeches. They’re sure to be used again, easy to pack, and lightweight.

Many bars don’t keep stock of shot glasses, so providing your guests with their very own would be a highlight.

Bottle opener

Not unlike the ever popular stubby holder, these are super functional and something people would actually be happy about taking home.

It's always a nuisance looking for bottle openers in your drawers, I don’t think you can ever have enough.

Whether you do beer bottle openers for the men and wine for the ladies, or keep them all succinct, these would be a simple but thoughtful gift to give your friends as a thank you for making it to your special day.


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