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About Us

Plan A is a boutique events company founded in late 2012.

Started up by Tash Heyder, they specialise in bespoke events including weddings, pre-wedding festivities, birthdays, and more.

Prior to 2012, weddings in Bali came in packages, where couples had to choose from pre-set choices which didn't necessarily reflect who they were.
Plan A recognized this flaw, and paved the way to custom, personalized weddings, pioneering the bespoke wedding concept in Bali today. 

Plan A offer all their clients free choice of deciding exactly how they want to have their event to make it totally unique, and they do this by eliminating package offers. This means the client can choose how much or how little involvement they want from the team and in doing this, are always in control of their budget.

iselin and morten
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Lauren & Lloyd
July 4, 2019

"Where to even begin… my entire experience with Plan A was a DREAM. If you are tossing up about whether or not you need Plan A… Stop! Book them straight away. You really do need them."


Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 20.07.52.png
Junie & Rupert
September 7, 2019

From the first point of contact to the day of, Tash also went above and beyond her role - being our wedding planner, best friend, mum, human valium and biggest support the entire time. She looked after our well-being and happiness."


Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 20.08.12.png
Leilani & Kent
September 14, 2019

"Hi Tash! 

How can we say thank you enough? People along the way may have questioned why we decided to have our wedding in Bali, or how I wasn't across every minor detail for our day but I truly believe that it came down to the trust I had in YOU to bring our vision to life. We knew that Bali was the right choice and Plan A exceeded our expectations." 



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Bali, Indonesia
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