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Bali's pioneer in customized events

Plan A is a boutique events company founded in late 2012.

Started up by Tash Heyder, they specialise in bespoke events including weddings, pre-wedding festivities, birthdays, and more.

Prior to 2012, weddings in Bali came in packages, where couples had to choose from pre-set choices which didn't necessarily reflect who they were as unique and individual couples.
Plan A recognized this gap, and paved the way to custom, personalized weddings, pioneering the bespoke wedding concept in Bali today. 

Our clients are in control

Plan A offer all their clients free choice of deciding exactly how they want to have their event to make it totally unique, and they do this by eliminating package offers. This means the client can choose how simple or how extra they want their day without being locked into anything they don't want, and in doing this, are always in control of their budget.

With their multi-lingual team sharing decades of experience in the events industry as well as in Indonesia, Plan A are here to take away the stress of planning and bring back the excitement to your special day!


Meet the Team

Meet the magic makers and the dream weavers who turn your imagination into a reality! 

plan a
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