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About Plan A

Meet Devon

Our Mother Hen and your first point of contact.

Devon has been with Plan A since the early days, originally working as a senior coordinator.

Professional, organized and efficient, Devon very quickly learnt the 'Plan A Way' and coordinated weddings and events of all sizes.

Having worked hands-on for many years before becoming the Plan A accounts manager, you couldn't be in better hands when deciding if a Bali wedding is for you.

All new enquiries go through to Devon who is in charge of how many bookings we take and when we take them.

She will find out what your needs and visions are for your big day, make suggestions on budget and location, and answer any concerns or queries you may have. Devon will let you know straight away if what you are wanting is doable and provide advice on how to make it work for you.

Having worked on site in Bali for many years, Devon knows exactly how a wedding unfolds in Bali, the do's and don'ts and is able to lend her thorough knowledge and expertise as a result.

You'll probably hear from her after your wedding too as she loves the feeling of a full completion and wants to make sure you're happy from first point of call until all is said and done.

Devon is an absolute treasure to our team.

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