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Bridal Beauty: My favourite makeup artists on the island!

There are soooo many talented makeup artists here in Bali, both western and local, and what’s best for you may not be the best for someone else. So much depends on your taste, style, skin type, skin colour…so it’s a really personal decision. This is by no means a list of the ONLY worthy makeup artists here, but a list of a few I work with regularly and can really vouch for their work, professionalism and client satisfaction.

This is also not a list based on ranking, so they’re not in order of who’s the most and least favorite of mine. I’ve just put them in a random order…and someone has to go first, so here you go.

Lexi at Trove Artistry

Everything Lexi touches becomes beautiful. You can see a reflection of her style and ethos just by walking into her salon Trove Artistry in Berawa. Muted tones, paired with clean tasteful décor, it’s what you’d want your personal walk-in vanity room to look like!

Lexi is a master at soft, feminine, Hollywood looks. Think highlighted cheekbones, eyes that pop, kissable lips. But never over the top. Never in a way that makes you look like you’re wearing too much makeup. You walk out looking like you, but polished in every way possible.

Tips from Lexi

Trends come and go! Don’t get caught up in the current makeup trends. We want you to feel your absolute best and most importantly like yourself on your big day! If you’re an everyday statement lip wearer, rock a bold lip! If you never wear makeup, keep it minimum and natural!

We want you to look back, love the photos and feel your absolute best!! Pro bali touch up tip - DON'T powder over sweat. Blot it dry first with the tissue then repowder! This way your makeup will last all night

Ranny Bronzer

Everyone who’s getting married in Bali has heard of Ranny. She’s infamous on the island and in high demand – for good reason!

Ranny has perfected the ultimate glam look for her clients.

Jaw dropping transformations and meticulous attention to detail, Ranny is really committed to understanding her client’s desires for their special day.

Once your face is painted by Ranny or her team (highly skilled and trained personally by Ranny) you’ll look at yourself and feel like you need to be walking down the Red Carpet at the Met Gala!

Tips from Ranny

We recommend to wear white on your trial, so you will be able to see your wedding make up better rather than putting on colored clothing.

Before we start make up, it is recommended to have your face cleansed and toned, preferably no sunscreen as sunscreen tends not to hold make up.

If you prefer to use lash extensions please make sure it is a fresh set/ refilled a couple of days before the wedding.

Please make sure you wash your hair a couple of days/the morning before wedding day. Funnily enough, we prefer dirtier hair to freshly washed hair on the day. A fresh wash will make your hair too soft and a little hard to control the frizz.

We prefer if you don't have spray tan on your face as sometimes spray tans can interfere with make up and doesn’t make it last as long.

We recommend having a facial 3-4 weeks before make up, to anticipate any break outs. To exfoliate skin, it is recommend to do it 3-4 days prior.

Please have lipstick/powder to touch up throughout the night.

Kat O’Hara from Dollface Darlings

Kat is incredible with faces! Ive never once had a bride who did a trial with Kat who wasn’t 10000% sure she was the one, and beyond happy with their makeup.

She keeps the integrity of your face, staying true to who you are, and putting on an almost weightless layer of makeup so that when you’re done you feel like you have a permanent filter on your face, but better, because none of it is fake! It’s all you!

Totally polished and perfect, I love Kat for her ability to make her clients look simply flawless, with no trace that makeup has been applied and instead you woke up looking like that.

A true master of her craft.

Tips from Kat

For hair down styles have a trial. The humidity in Bali is challenging but not impossible to work with but it is best to find out how long the style will last for you. For very fine hair clip in extensions are a must. In fact extensions will help hold all hair down styles. If you want more permanent extensions then let your hairstylist know what hairstyle you are planning for your big day so they can be placed in such a way they won't show.

Heidi at ISSII

The crème de la crème of makeup artistry, here’s another popular choice.

Clients who book Heidi are gobsmacked at her talent.

She’s warm, funny, and makes you feel totally at ease.

Her years of experience shows in her flawless work, giving brides a glow like no other and have them radiating confidence on their special day.

She’s a perfectionist, so isn’t happy until you are – which is so important.

Working from the exclusive IISSII salon in Berawa, you’ll not only have a true expert painting your face, but she’s incredible with hair also, making her the perfect all-in-one go to beauty guru.

Tips from Heidi

Plan facials and skin treatments to finish a month before the big day, give your skin time to breathe!

Bec Wilson

This golden girl is another popular choice. While she can do full glam, her best looks, in my opinion, are the natural, glowy, hot girl next door look!

If you look at her previous work, you’ll see bronzed faces, lucious lips, bright eyes and a dewy complexion on her brides.

She’s perfect for brides who want a natural look. Sun-kissed beach bride with highlights in all the right places.

Bec does a lot of makeup work for big brands too so she brings with her an arsenal of experience and knowledge of how your makeup will show up in your photos.

Tips from Bec

Makeup - If you’re going to get a facial/eye brow wax/ any facial waxing do it a week prior!! Waxing removes a layer of skin and makeup doesn’t stick to it properly.

Same with facials. Depending on the facial, your skin may need a little time to adjust.

Hair - Trial your style in this humidity! You’d be surprised how different your hair can be here in Bali.

Trial - Wear a top/singlet that’s similar to the colour of your dress so when you look in the mirror you’ll get a better idea of what everything will look like together.

Fikri Halim

Sometimes I look at Fikris work and just think wow, how is that even possible?? Theres not a single bump, blemish, or anything other than what I can only describe as a photoshopped look. It’s the kind of look you may look in magazines or Instagram and say surely that’s a filter – but with him its not!

Your face looks like porceline, utterly flawless, like you literally just stepped out of a high-end fashion shoot – including the edits.

He combines glam, precision and a wealth of experience to all skin types and tones, executing a look you’ll never want to wipe off.

Tips from Fikri

Drink lots of water leading up to your big day as well as on the day to make sure your body and skin is hydrated.

Hylaluronic acid mask twice a week, two weeks prior to the big day.

No exfoliating products of any kind in two weeks prior to the wedding day.

Last but not least, try to remain stress-free, and let your fabulous organizer and vendors to assist you for your big day.

Glo Day Spa

Glo is the OG when it comes to bridal hair and makeup here in Bali. They've been here so long and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things beauty. Being a larger salon, they can cater to large bridal parties, and even offer mobile spray tanning!

Glo have several makeup artists and hair stylists at their disposal, some local, and some western meaning they understand all skin and hair types. They're especially known for natural makeup with bronzed highlights and kissable lips.

You're really spoilt for choice with Glo and I've been recommending them to my brides for 10 years now, all to extremely happy reviews.

With multiple fully equipped salons across the island, you can have your trials at wherever is convenient for you and being that they offer a wide range of services, you can also get most of your pre-wed prep such as manicures and eyebrow threading done all at once!

Tips from Glo

Oil blotters will be your best friend. If you find that the Bali heat is making you glow a little too much (sweat in other words!) or too shiny- use an oil blotter before you apply any more powder. Powder tends to cake with sweat (think mixing flour and water makes glue) or can disturb the makeup underneath. You’ll notice that sometimes an oil blot is just what you need.

Don’t always reach for a full coverage matte foundation. Though it’s tempting in hot weather, it rarely stays matte and often separates when we get hot. Try a semi-dewy medium/buildable foundation. My favourite it Charlotte Tilbury’s Beautiful Skin Foundation which we will be bringing in to Glo.

Waterproof mascara isn’t only for tears. It’s also sweat proof! Waterproof mascara is a given for most Bali weddings!

Less is more in hot weather. Too many products on the skin does not react well in humid, sweaty weather. They usually will end up caking, separating and disappearing onto the shoulder of all those people you’ve hugged.

Avoid using a heavy moisturiser. Even if you usually wear a thick moisturiser day-to-day, skip on it for your wedding day. Try to use something lightweight or gel based. This means your skin will still get its hydration, without disturbing the makeup put on top. Not to mention, thick moisturisers can make you sweat more than usual.

I've had my face done by nearly all these artists and for those I haven’t (yet haha) ive seen their work first hand and wished it was me in the seat getting my face painted!

Despite being all incredible in their work, I still highly advise getting a trial done before your big day. Their skills are unmatched, however, that doesn’t mean you wont want to give some extra guidance on how you want your specific look to be. Once they know what you’re after, they can then make note and replicate it on the big day, avoiding any delays with changes you may want on the actual day because you’d have already been through it previously.

My personal advice for your trials is this.

· Wear white to your trial. Best to see how your makeup will look with what your dress colour will be. Yes its makeup for your face, not your clothing, but the colour of your clothes can really impace how you perceive your makeup.

· Pay attention as they apply your makeup. If there are any changes or alterations you want to make, better to do it as they are applying the makeup, so they can fix it in the moment. Waiting til the end to make changes not only wastes time, but means they’ll have to take off every layer of makeup that was built up to that area of your face, resulting in twice the work. Not liking a certain part of your makeup trial can influence your feelings of the whole face, even if the rest is perfect. So make sure you speak up as it gets done so you have the most accurate representation of your look when its finished.

· Try and get your trial started around 2pm. Thats about the time you'd start on your wedding day, so for a true example of how your makeup and hair will last through the hours, heat and humidity, eating, drinking and talking, 2pm is a good time to start. Also try and go out the night of your trial...see how the products last and feel through dancing and perspiring.


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