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Fun Add-Ons at your Wedding!

Once the standard and necessary items for a wedding are sorted, you know, the wedding décor, photography, catering, bar, music and so on, I often get couples asking, okay Tash, that’s done, what can we add now to make it a bit fun or different for our guests?

There are so many options here in Bali, from interactive activities, visual enhancements, performances, and more! So I’m going to put a few of my favourite add-ons here, and who knows, maybe it’ll be just what you’re after!

Polaroid Station

These are fun, affordable activity stations for your event.

Everyone loves a polaroid picture, and you can use them in a variety of ways.

One way is to have a list of every guests name pegged up to a board, and have your guests take their names (with their table numbers on the back) and replace their name with a photo of themselves. this way you'll have a lovely keepsake of all the guests who joined you on your special day.

Alternatively, you could put the cameras around your cocktail area, with each camera attached to a list of items that guests need to get photos of throughout the day and night. Make it a wedding mission, your guests will have so much fun!


A classic but at the top of the list for a reason. They work SO well. They’re a great opportunity for your guests to mingle and have some fun with new friends and old.

Often at cocktail time, apart from talking, there’s not much else to do, and if not all your guests know each other, it can cause pockets and segregation between groups.

Add in a photobooth and all of a sudden everyone is excited for something to do collectively.

Most booths come with props and signs, and they often give two copies of the photos so either your guests can take them home or leave one for you to keep in an album after your wedding.

Best part is, if someone misses out on a hardcopy, these days most photobooths will give you a link to where all the pictures of the night have been uploaded to a digital site for you and your friends to download.

Champagne/Shot Wall

These look fantastic and set the tone of what will be a really fun day.

Have a champagne wall on arrival. Your guests will feel special, and considering most bar packages don’t include alcohol in their welcome drinks, for those who want their guests to get a little buzz before the ceremony, this is ideal! It doesn’t allow for too many drinks before the ceremony, but walking in with a glass of champagne, taking in the beautiful set up is a great way to start your special day. Similarly, you could have this or a shot wall, just before your guests enter the reception. Whether you have free seating and want everyone to grab a shot, or actually have your guests’ names and table numbers on the shot glass that they have to find and take, it adds another element of fun and cheer to carry through the wedding and onto the next part!


Whether it’s a group of Balinese dancers, fire dancers, servers on stilts, mermaids, neon water drummers or anything of the sort, having a visual performance at your wedding can really add a wow factor.

I’ve done many events now where we add it performers and I can tell you right now, people love to watch and take photos, some even participate!

It’s an almost live art component to your big day, and your guests will really get into it!

Lawn Games

These are a classic, but they’re popular because they’re such a good investment.

They range from Giant Jengga to beanbag tosses, and they’re used from the moment they’re brought out, right until the end of the night. There’s always someone playing with them.

They’re also a great distraction for those of you who are allowing children at the wedding. It gives mum and dad some extra time to themselves while the kids busy themselves with games.

Slushy Machines

These are genius inventions that work both on a fun level and a functionality level.

Often the bar gets slammed with drink orders, and someone just wanting to order a wine or beer have to wait behind 5 cocktail orders ahead of them.

Enter…the slushy machines – alcoholic of course! These bad boys come in a variety of flavours, and your guests can walk up at anytime and freepour their drinks. They’re ideal for hot Bali weddings too as a major temp cooler and they free up your main bar from queues as half the guests split between the slushy machines and the main bar.


Not all venues allow fire or fireworks, but almost every venue allow pyrotechnics.

Similar in impact to fireworks but on a smaller scale, they’re also safer to be around both for the property and the people watching.

They aren’t interactive but they add 10000% to the atmosphere and a great surprise factor for your guests.

Plus, the photos of these are always epic.

Use them for your grand entrance, your first dance or your cake cutting and you’ll find a sure way to bring these moments of your wedding to a whole other level.

Digital Guest Registry

Now this is a fun one.

Many couples still want registration books, but truth be told? I hardly ever see anyone use them and, on the day, my team and I are constantly walking around and reminding guests to fill out the book.

Plus, forget about buying one in Bali, they’re so tacky. And do you really want to lug back a big book home?

Try this instead: a digital guest registry. It’s so much fun, more compact and easy to bring home, and as the night goes on, you’ll find the messages funnier and funnier.

How it works is like this. A phone is set up where your registration table would be. Instead of writing something down, your friends can pick up the receiver and record their messages to you! Their messages get recorded and stored on a recording device in the phone, and after the night is done, you get to keep the recordings. Best part is, the more people drink, the funnier these phone messages become!

There are sooo many other options I could add to the list above, but here’s a start. Plus, I do have to keep a few secret weapons for my clients only ;)


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