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Our Favourite Island Photographers: A Local Spotlight

There are so many photography companies here in Bali. It’s no secret that the Indonsian people are top tier when it comes to the creative side of business endeavors, and photography is no different.

However sifting through the hundreds (quite literally) photographers here in Bali can be overwhelming and daunting to say the least.

While all have their strengths and unrefuted talent, I thought I’d help you out with my personal favourites. While there are so many companies both foreign and local here, today I want to spotlight individual local talent from some of these companies and why I love them so much.

This is not to say there aren’t other worthy photographers out there, but these are the ones that I’ve categorized as my favourites based my personal observations of them, the way they work on the day, punctuality, how they make my clients feel on the day and their style of shooting. Also note, these are not in order, more so a collection so grab that coffee, get your Instagram open on the ready, and read through so as you read you can refer to their work on your phone as you consider them all.

Photo Credit: Motion House Creative

Ganny for Flipmax Photography

Gosh, what can’t I praise Ganny for!

Ganny is such a pleasure to work with, both from a planner perspective and from the client side.

He brings so much energy and focus to his work while still maintaining an easy going and calm disposition instantly making his clients feel at ease.

Always armed with his huge smile, you’ll find it’s contagious and you’ll get some winning shots of pure, candid, in the moment happiness shots.

I’ve heard the laughter from my bride and groom from miles away while they’re shooting with Ganny and it’s because he truly encourages you to be yourselves, do what you normally do, and let him capture the moments that you’ll want to frame.

With sharp contrasts and a heavy play with natural light, you’ll find his shots are always vibrant and clear, while still allowing for soft rays of sun infiltrating the shots to give it balance.

Even on the gloomy days where the sun isn’t coming out to play, Ganny has a way to give the moody sky life, and shoot in a way that the weather accentuates your images rather than dulls them.

He really is a winning choice and for those of you who like to have fun and a bit of play with your photos, or are worried that you’re not photogenic, Ganny is the guy to bring out your best!

Photo Credit: Flipmax Photography

Tutde for Terralogical

I’ve never seen a photographer with so much determination and focus in his eyes than Tutde.

He wears his multiple cameras like arsenal going in to war, prepared at any given time to get all the key shots, whether its an in-the-moment laughter, or capturing a more ethereal shot through the bride’s veil.

Tutde will literally drop whatever he is doing and run to get the shots he wants. Ive seen it with my own eyes the dedication he has to his clients and how nothing will get in his way to capture them.

He’s a great leader, so if you’re unsure of what you should be doing, how you should be standing or what to do with your fidgeting hands, rest assured Tutde will guide you in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Despite his fire to get the shot, you’ll never feel rushed or overwhelmed, he truly does everything to ensure you get the photos you want all while feeling secure and led by a true professional.

Photo Credit: Terralogical

Agung for Imaj Gallery

Agung is a true artist, in every sense of the word.

His eye for shots is more akin to what you’d see in a Vogue magazine or a fashion editorial.

He has such a calm presence, almost monk like. Nothing stresses him or phases him. He moves with grace, never rushed, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s apathetic about your photos.

He is a photographer that relies heavily on what is going on in the moment, what is going on around you, the weather, and all other elements that will impact the shot.

The results are simply breathtaking.

From the trending blurred shots to stunning black and white portraits where the contrast and balance of the final product is gallery worthy.

He will guide you to what he feels will be the best angles and compositions without it ever feeling posed or contrived.

You’ll have movement in your photos, you’ll feel like you’re transported back to your special day every time you look at them.

It’s really fascinating to watch him turn what may seem like an ordinary click of a camera into a photo that you’ll think, is that really us??

What the untrained eye may see as a boring or unassuming moment, in Agung’s eyes, it’s magic, and it shows. Just ask to see his shots on his camera when he’s shooting, you’ll be blown away. Truly.

Photo Credit: Imaj Gallery

Lucky for Dream Soda

If you want more than photos of you walking down the aisle and having your first dance, but a more journalistic approach to your day, you can’t go past Lucky.

I adoreeee his work.

He captures all the key moments but what I love most about Lucky, is that he tells a story with your photos.

A bridesmaid touching up the bride’s lipstick when no one is looking, a secret and giggle shared between the happy couple, the dining tables once all the food and drinks have been eaten and guests have left to dance.

It’s these moments when put together that truly tell the story of your day.

Lucky has an incredible eye for detail and nothing is left undocumented.

He doesn’t just take a million photos without thought. He understands and observes the environment in each portion of your day, and documents each aspect so that you can truly re-live and experience your day all over again simply by looking through your photos.

Moments you thought no one would see are captured for you to treasure and as for the traditional shots of the couple, family and friends, you’ll find them completely candid, unforced and a true reflection of the day.

Photo Credit: Dream Soda Creative

Ariyo for Balimakna

If you’re wanting your photographers to be discreet, almost invisible so you don’t feel you have all eyes on you or that you need to perform, Ariyo is your man.

His unassuming nature allows for you to totally relax, and be in the present, doing what you would normally be doing without the anxiety of being aware that your every move is being documented.

Ariyo is able to lead without you ever feeling rushed. He will not command you to leave your guests for a forced photo tour, instead, will be in the background capturing key moments. And then, only when he sees an opportune moment, or when the sky is at it’s best, he’ll discreetly take you from your guests to capture the photos you’ll want to keep forever.

His unobtrusive methods make him very easy to work with for both the client and the planner and you’ll never feel like you’re missing out on your day because you’re stuck taking photos the whole day!

He also sees the importance of capturing all the details of your day from your bouquet to the bridal table, ensuring all the beautiful elements of your day that you spent months agonizing over are captured. You’ll find you have the perfect mix of wedding day details, candid shots of your guests as well as the important photos of you and your partner and never once will you feel any of it was forced.

Photo Credit: Balimakna

Noel for Motion House Creative

Last but definitely not least, you can’t go past the top photographers here without mentioning Noel.

He is particular, knows exactly what to capture, has a natural leadership quality about him without being bossy or demanding. He scouts every location he’s at ensuring he has optimum knowledge of the venue to make sure he knows well ahead of time which spots will be best to shoot and what time of day they’ll be at their peak.

He’s a tall man, but somehow manages to be stealthy in his operation, where he captures you in winning shots without you even realizing.

Noel has a calm precision about the way he operates, the perfect blend of perfectionism without being anxious and ultimate chillness without being behind the mark.

He’s able to capture exactly the style and mood you’re after being so well versed in both current and classic trends so if you want someone who follows a brief but adds their own creative flair and raw talent into the mix, you cant go wrong with Noel.

Photo Credit: Motion House Creative

Photography is SUCH a personal decision to make and not one to be made lightly. Every client will have their own style of photography that they love.

Every photographer will have their own style of photography they’ve mastered.

You need to take the time to look at their work.

What angles do they take? How do their finished edits look? How is their composition? Do they play with negative and positive space well? What are their black and white images like?

Of course you can always specify exactly what you want and your photographer will always try their best to tailor to your needs, but do take the time to get to knows who’s behind the lens. It’ll be the make or break of the only thing you get to take home and remember after your big day.

Get in touch with them today!


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