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Packing for your Bali Wedding.

At first you might think, well I’ve been on holidays to Bali before, I’ll just pack what I usually pack plus our wedding outfits, if I forget anything, surely I can get it there?


Mmmm think again.


While many things have now become easily available in Bali, a lot of those require pre-ordering or, you’ll need a full day to go out and source them due to the insane amount of traffic on the island these days.

So I’ve decided to make a checklist of things you may want to pack with you, or if you don’t have room, get your friends and family to bring over for you in case you need them!

Nipple covers

I haven’t put them at the top of the list for any particular reason, they were just the first things that came into my head.

You may not need them – depending on the dress you’re wearing; however, I’ve listed them here as they’re harder to find in Bali, and if you do find them the colour range is limited.

This is best brought from home.


Heel stoppers

With so many weddings in Bali holding their cocktail hours and receptions on grass, it’s easy to ruin your new shoes, particularly ones with thin heels, when they sink into the grass.

The ground here in Bali is relatively soft, so heels quickly sink in. On top of this, many venues don’t have completely flat landscapes, with dips and hilly parts throughout.

I’d advise bringing heel stoppers for you and your bridal party just in case. Adding extra stability is a small cost for a huge benefit.

Photography: Gusmank

Safety pins

This is an important one.

So many times I’ve had clients who on the day suddenly needed safety pins, despite trying on their dress and outfits prior to arriving.

The climate here changes all of our bodies, and what may have been a perfect fit before arriving may not be as perfect when combined with the heat and humidity.

You may find areas that gape, or entire buttons or details may have come loose.

Rather than going on a mission to find safety pins, best to just bring a small pack with you – you’ll find them very useful.


Invisible tape

This brings me to the next item, related to the above.

Invisible tape will be your best friend. Everything from falling straps to falling busts, invisible tape will be what literally glues your dress to your body in the times you need it to be perfect, such as walking down the aisle.

Not as necessary for when you want more movement eg. The dancefloor! But again, it’s a small item that is easily bought in your home country and saves you the goose chase here.

Photography: Balimakna

Second shirt for the groom

I always tell my grooms to pack a second shirt. A third if they are prone to perspiring.

The groom is typically the first member of the bridal party out and mingling with guests in the heat. They are then the ones that stand the longest at the aisle for the ceremony before the photo tour begins. By this point they’re usually well and truly saturated as it’s also the point in the wedding where they wear their most formal attire.

Having a second shirt means they can change before their photo tour, looking fresh and crisp – there’s only so much photoshop can do with wet patches on clothing.

The photo tour itself can also be precarious if it’s a long one, so having a third shirt to change into ready for the reception and party can be a life saver.



This is something you can get here for sure – however the easiest way to get them is in sugary drinks or with IV drips.

IV drips are for sure the most effective but they are costly and if you’re scared of needles, it will not be for you.

The electrolyte drinks here are also mostly sugar so their benefit is minimal.

Buy sachets of pure electrolytes from home, so you can mix them up when you’re in Bali when you need them the most.

Photography: Flipmax Photography

Sanitary products

Bali has come a long way in this department – I remember when you couldn’t get anything so anytime a friend or family member came to visit, this would be on the top of my list of items to bring!

Despite coming a long way though, the options are still predominantly pads, and choice of tampons are limited.

Some health shops sell cups, but if you want a specific brand best to get them at home, they’ll be cheaper too.


Hair pins

No matter how good your hair looks at the start of the day, wispy tendrils always find their way out…whether its dropping around your face or at the back of your neck.

Having a little case of hair pins will help save the look in seconds.


Mini hairspray

In addition to the point above, I’d recommend bringing a mini bottle of hairspray. I’ve heard brides and their bridesmaids’ countless times wishing they brought some.

The humidity makes you perspire a lot here in Bali, diminishing the power of hair spray. If you have unruly hair, definitely bring some. You can tidy up your hair at key points, and save money by not having a team staying around on stand by for touch ups.

Photography: Balimakna

Blister patches

Band-Aids are super easy to find here – every minimart and pharmacy stock them.

But sometimes you need something more durable and effective.

Chances are your shoes are new, and while you may have practiced walking around in them before the big day, it never compares to a full day in them, and nothing is more painful or inconvenient than blisters.

Many western countries have blister patches – they’re stretchy silicone material that you place over your blister. They work two ways in that they provide a barrier between your shoe and your foot, and if the blister has already developed, goes straight into repair mode quickening the healing time. I’m a massive fan of these, and best part is, they’re transparent.


Gel pads for shoes

While I’m on shoes, gel pads can be another life saver, particularly if your shoes are especially high or with a steep incline. You’ll be on your feet A LOT. Walking down the aisle, posing for photos, chatting with all your guests, dancing the night away…minimize the pain on the night and the next day by inserting these on the morning of. Cheaper to buy at home and easier to find.


Blotting paper

These magical squares of paper may normally just be used by those of us with an oily complexion in normal weather conditions.

In Bali though, we all perspire and we all get a shiny film over our skin. It’s just the way it is.

Keeping these on hand will help preserve your makeup and keep you looking camera ready throughout the night without removing make up as tissues would.

You can get them here but it’s a bit of a mission to find them, and unless you have time to order them online, best to just bring them from home.

Photography: Terralogical


I’d recommend going through this list, getting everything together a couple weeks before departing for Bali, and putting them in one bag. Your Bridal Emergency Kit will then be easy to find, keep everything together, and if you need someone to grab something for you, you’re not sending them on a mission to turn your suitcase inside out.


Like I said, many items can be found here, but if you can find it at home and bring them instead, it’ll prevent the mad unnecessary rush before your wedding day finding things in shops you’ve never heard of.



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