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Prepping for your Bali wedding.

All weddings need prep. The research, the sleepless nights on Instagram scrolling through all the vendors you love, the days filled making your Pinterest board aka your vision board as perfect as can be.

But where you’ll have your wedding will also play a major role, and if your plan is to have it in Bali, there is some extra prep you should consider adding to your list.

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Bali is hot and humid. And while it may be a welcome change if you’re coming over from cooler climates, it can be overwhelming for some.

Choose hairstyles that you know can handle the heat and humidity, that are easy to take out and change throughout the day and night, or, opt for an extra touch up after the ceremony by your hair and makeup team to ensure it stays in the style you want.

The climate will also impact the menu you choose. You’ll find that many menus include soup…in my experience this meal rarely gets chosen so swap it for extra canapes or an extra appetizer.

Lastly, make sure the dress and suits you’re choosing are also heat friendly. Don’t get them tailored too tight – we all expand in the heat – and make sure they’re not too thick in terms of fabric. You’ll die.

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Later Start Times

Following on from my point on climate, due to the heat here, unlike in other places where you may be used to earlier ceremonies thus allowing a longer day of celebrations, it’s just simply too hot to have a midday wedding ceremony. You’ll melt, your guests will be saturated in sweat after just 5 minutes, and everyone will rush to the corners of your venue that have just the tiniest bit of shade.

I’ve had clients who prior to arriving had insisted on earlier start times only to get to the day and move the day back simply because it was too much.

You’re paying good money for makeup, photography, and a good time. Don’t let the weather ruin it for you in 10 minutes flat. Ensure theres enough water, shade and other cooling additions on your day.

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Oh Em Gee the traffic in Bali now is INSANE. There’s been times where it’s taken me FOUR hours to get from Uluwatu to Canggu. It’s frustrating at the best of times but it’s absolutely disastrous on a wedding day. You simply cannot afford to have people arriving late as it pushes back the entire day and schedule of what is already very limited time to celebrate.

Some ways to avoid this is to ensure your guests stay in the same area as where your wedding will be held. Doesn’t have to be for the entire trip, but at least for the day of, this is essential in my opinion. Secondly, it’s better to advise your guests to leave earlier than Google Maps would otherwise instruct them. There are constant road works, Balinese ceremonies, giant tour buses taking up entire roads that Google can’t foresee, so best to get ahead of the chaos. If your guests arrive earlier than expected, its okay, they can relax with a drink. Better that than late.

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Uninvited Guests

No, not the plus ones your guests randomly tell you about the week before the big day!

Being a tropical island, we do have mosquitos and other bugs. While they’re not rampant, if you are their favourite meal, it’ll make for a very uncomfortable and annoying evening.

Moreover, should you be having a clifftop wedding, it should be known, that’s monkey territory! Most venues will have someone on the edge of the property shooing them away, but they’re crafty critters and will take any opportunity to take food, drinks (they like beer – I've seen it!) and even valuables.

Make sure you and your guests only bring your essential items with you and don’t leave them lying around.

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Floral Availability

Bali is a tropical island, therefore it’s only natural that the best choices for your florals are of the tropical variety. They are used to withstanding the heat, last longer, and blend better with the surroundings due to the same colour palate.

Many brides and grooms take their inspo from weddings in cooler climates and while most flower varieties are available by importing them in, it not only doubles or triples the cost, they also wilt in record time because they just can’t handle the heat. It’s sad and will affect the whole look.

I’d recommend seeing what local flowers can be substituted so you have a similar look that will last the whole day and night. If there is a particular flower not locally grown here in Bali, use it sparingly – perhaps just in your bouquet – so you don’t waste your money.

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Tastings & Trials

A good planner would only recommend you vendors and suppliers that they themselves can vouch for. We want you to have the best of the best and be happy with your choice.

However, I can’t stress enough how important tastings and trials are. While I can say I’m confident with who I recommend to my clients, when it comes to the finer details such as the sweetness of a cocktail, the spiciness of a certain dish, the thickness of makeup, everyone will have their own personal preferences so if there’s a possibility you can come to Bali before your wedding to double check everything, I say do it!

Knowing exactly what you’ll get on the day relieves a lot of anxiety on the lead up to your day.

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Whether you have kids, your guests have kids, kids will be at the wedding or it’s a child-free event meaning guests will need to leave their kids at their accommodation, you will need nannies. On your day and night having someone to look after the children is so important so Mum and Dad can enjoy the day and the kids are equally entertained wherever they may be.

But keep in mind, that it’s not just you who will need these services. You’re competing with all the other couples getting married at the same time as you (and their guests who need them) as well as the constant throng of tourists here in Bali on holidays with their families who also regularly require them.

Nannies book out fast, like really fast, so I’d make it a top priority to let your family and friends know that it’s something they should book in as soon as they know they’re able to come to your wedding. You want to feel secure and sure about leaving your little ones so having prior research and recommendations is essential.

Photography: Dream Soda

On top of all this you have your usual wedding prep – getting the dress, polishing the rings, finalizing the guest count, accounting for dietary requirements…the list goes on. So, I’m posting this today so you can consider these factors and add them to your to-do list. Some you may have already got covered, others you may want to revisit and think about again.

In any case, I hope that knowing the above helps with feeling more prepared and secure about having your dream day on the Island of the Gods.


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