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Handling the Heat at your Bali Wedding

By Fieke Houweling; Senior Planner

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We all love the tropical vibes and weather in Bali, but it can get very hot and very sticky.

So how do you keep your guests comfortable?


One thing for sure is, we can’t take the heat away completely and you will definitely have to embrace it a little. But it’s also one of the many reasons we love planning events in Bali. The warm weather adds to why this island has become one of the top destinations in the world to get married! It's close to perfect.


To make the most of it, I’ll give you some tips on how to make it a little more enjoyable and easier to handle!

Photography: Diktat Photography

Dress code

Having your wedding on a tropical island, you’ll want to advise your guests to dress for comfort.

This doesn’t have to mean casual though! Suggesting light cottons and linens for men and loose dresses for women make them feel more at ease.

And a tip for those who are particularly sensitive to heat – bring a second set of clothes and leave it somewhere safe at the wedding venue. After the heat from the afternoon dies down, your guests can freshen up and change their outfits.

Photography: Balimakna

Stay Hydrated

To make sure everyone has a good time right until the end of the party, keeping hydrated is so important. There is a reason why most bars do not offer alcohol when guests arrive, and that’s because with the heat and direct sun still ablaze in the afternoon, they’ll lose fluid faster through perspiration and dehydrate faster.

There’ll be plenty of alcohol after the ceremony, but if you insist on having alcoholic drinks on arrival, make sure there’s also plenty of water and non-alcoholic options available too.

Another tip to keep guests hydrated (and yourself too) is to get a coconut stall.

Beside the fact that they look super cute, coconuts also a very good way to keep your fluids up!

Photography: Iluminen



Create shade for your guests.

I mean, we love outdoor weddings, but with ceremony times generally starting when the sun is still beating directly down on you, and with many venues not having enough natural shade, these are a great way to get a break from the direct heat.

Put a basket near the ceremony area filled with some small paper parasols so guests can take one and protect themselves from the sun.

Not only that, but putting standing umbrellas in the cocktail area are also great options for both before and after the ceremony.

Photography: Bali Pixtura


Personalized hand-held fans on the ceremony chairs! There are some beautiful options to choose from, plus they double as a nice gift for your guests. Not to mention, they’re a functional gift at that!

But if you think these are not enough, we can bring in the big guns, the misty fans.

I have to be honest, they are not the most beautiful add-ons, but effective they are – they blow wind and a mist at a much faster rate, creating a cooler space.

Photography: Sweet Summer Bali

Ceremony Time

If you are worried about the heat during your ceremony, then my advice would be to move the time of your ceremony to late afternoon, let’s say 5-5.30 pm. Weather wise, it’s actually the best time.

We often start ceremonies earlier because couples would also like to take some pictures with friends and family before going for their sunset shots. This is understandable, but another option is to include a First Look before the ceremony. That way you can get your family and bridal party photos done, push the ceremony to a more comfortable time, and still make it for sunset as there will be less photos needed straight after your ceremony.

Plus, have you seen sunset ceremonies? They’re simply stunning.

Photography: Terralogical

Despite the heat though, my biggest tip for the Bride and Groom to be would be this: Enjoy your day and don’t worry! Yes, it will be warm, but this is such a short portion of the day. After the sun sets the temperature drops and everyone enjoys the balmy evenings.

In all my years as a wedding planner, I’ve never had any guests or couples complain about the heat after cocktail hour. By the time the sun is down and the cocktails and canapes are flowing, everyone forgets about it and is ready to celebrate your day!


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