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Ways to personalize your wedding!

If you’ve decided to have your wedding in Bali, this island clearly means a lot to you. But with so many weddings being held here, you’ll also want to set yours apart, make it uniquely your own, and make sure it not only reflects one of your favourite places in the world, but it represents the both of you as a couple.


Here are some fun ideas on how to personalize your big day!

Photography: Dream Soda

Neon signage

I love this one, but then again, I love all bright and shiny things!

While you can get a premade neon sign to rent for your special day, go the extra mile and customize your own! Whether it’s your names, the date, or a saying you both love, make it your own and choose the colour and font you want, ideally matching the rest of your special day. Best part is, because you buy it, you get to take it home and keep it as a memento of your day!

Customized drinks

Most bars will offer any of the classic cocktails you like. They may even have their own inventions which are super fun and can set your menu apart.

Go one step further and rename your drinks! The drink itself can be a classic one that you know your guests will love, but changing the name of it can make it more personal!

Whether you and your partner choose your favourites and name them after yourselves or as a His and Hers, or whether you incorporate your pets and name them after your furry friends, these little touches won’t go unnoticed and really does make it all the more special.


Signature dish from each side of the family

Not all catering companies are this flexible, but I know of a couple.

Having a signature dish from the bride’s side and the groom’s side is a great way to add a point of difference to your day.

If you have grandparents who can’t make it to Bali, see if you can get the recipe of your favourite meal they used to cook, and speak to your caterer about recreating it on your wedding day. It’s a way your loved ones can be there in spirit if not physically.

Photography: Flipmax

Adding in customs

This is one of my favourite ways to customize a wedding, and to witness as a bystander!

When the couple introduces traditional or significant aspects of their culture and beliefs into their big day!

Particularly if the couple are from different cultures, adding in the Haka, stepping on glasses at the ceremony, or adding in a special dance not only pays homage to your roots, but introduces your guests to what is meaningful to you both.


Personalized favors

Some couples like to give their guests little tokens or gifts on their wedding day as a thank you, others don’t. And theres no right or wrong when it comes to this.

But should you belong to the first camp, make it worthwhile and get those gifts customized. Whether it’s by adding your names, the date and/or location of your wedding or a simple “Thank you for coming”, it personalizes the day and makes it undoubtedly yours.

Items you can personalize are endless, and popular choices are hand-held fans, luggage tags, shot glasses, stubby holders and key rings.

Photography: Flipmax

Monogramed dancefloor

If you have designed your own monogram or stylized initials for your invitations, extend that throughout your day and make it a theme.

You can add it to your menus, the bar, napkins, and yes even the dancefloor!

Having your initials on the dancefloor screams luxury without breaking the bank.

Considering all venues require you to hire a dancefloor, make it something special and personalize it for the day and night!


Personal thank yous

This can be super time consuming, and you’ll end up with a sore hand, but nothing is more personal or heartfelt than hand written thank you notes and cards.

Thanking each individual guest and adding a detail just for them is super meaningful and likely something your guests will keep for a long time.

Whether you place them on their table settings or have them on a customized seating chart that they can take when they find their seats, it’s a beautiful way to honour your guests who have travelled so far to be there for you.


Dress code

Finally, dress code.While many couples go with the laid-back island feel of Bali and insist on nothing more specific than a dress code of “island glam” or “cocktail”, specifying a colour or colours can make such a difference!

Having everyone in similar or complementary colours looks insane in photos, and, on the day, everyone will feel like they belong. That they’re part of a secret party only they know about and it takes a lot of stress and worry away when they’re deciding what to pack.

Choosing a colour that is opposite on the colour wheel to your bridal party colours works so nicely!

Photography: DreamSoda


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