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Our top rental picks for 2024.

I promised I’d share with you my favourite rental items for 2024, and here you go.


This article is definitely image heavy as opposed to my usual writing-filled blog articles, but I feel the pictures in this case speak 1000 words.


Your furniture and flatware rental items play a huge role in the overall look and feel of your day, and the items I’ve chosen are reflective of what I feel will play so nicely with much of the décor and styling I’m seeing already out for this year.

Photography: Flipmax Photography


First, the chairs.

Clean, stylish, and complementary to almost any table and ceremony set up.

L-R: Nordic White, Bali Event Hire; Harper, Isle Co; Freya, Isle Co; Wishbone, Sewa Sewa; Blanc, Sewa Sewa; Lloyd Dining Chair, The Host Table.

Cocktail Furniture

Cocktail furniture is always a must, and I’m loving these mixes. Perfect for those of you who want bright florals to do the singing and equally suitable for those who are going more minimalist with the flowers and so these pieces will do the talking.

L-R: Boho Floor Set, Isle Co; Leftbank Palm Springs Set, Bali Event Hire; Sri Lankan Sofa Set, Bali Event Hire, Luna Complete Rattan Set, Sewa Sewa; Gaia Set, Sewa Sewa; Coast Set, Isle Co.



Flatware, a well-known obsession of mine. No explanation needed.

I’ve seen these items in person, love how they lift any tablescape, and are so easy to mix and match with.

L-R: Bamboo Silverware, Semeja; Kappadokya Plate Set, Isle Co; Celeste Plate Set, Bali Tabletop; Noir Plate Set, Bali Tabletop; Tropicana Palm Leaf Charger, The Host Table; Frank Full Set, The Host Table; Neil Midnight, The Host Table; Venezia Set, Isle Co; Paris Set, Isle Co.


These items don’t really have a category per se, but I just love how they can add an edge to your day, creating unique spaces and elevating the overall vision you have.


L-R: Long Beach Bar, Bali Event Hire; Prestige Peak, A Tent in Bali; Santorini Trio, Bali Event Hire; Arched Shelf Wall, Isle Co; Riviera Umbrella, Bali Event Hire; Flute Table, Isle Co.

Loving all of these items, and I cant wait to see them in use for all this year's weddings!

If you want to get your hands on them, hit the links below:


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