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Micro Weddings in Bali: Our top picks for your micro wedding venue!

Micro weddings in Bali are back, in a BIG way.

The term ‘micro wedding’ has been thrown around in the wedding industry a lot lately, particularly since the pandemic, and they’ve become increasingly more popular with couples.

But what exactly ARE micro weddings? Put simply, they’re exactly what one would expect of a regular wedding, they include all the trimmings from wedding arbors to entertainment, catering to lighting, but instead of hosting parties of eighty people and up, they’re limited to about twenty guests or less. So more than an elopement, but less than your traditional wedding.

Guests are usually primarily just family members with a couple of close friends. Or perhaps it’s just immediate family and select friends who are able and willing to travel.

They’re actually a great way to spend your special day with the people who mean the most to you. There’s no stress about who to invite and who needs a plus one, you can have a much wider option of venues considering many here have maximum capacity limits, but none have minimum capacity limits, and of course, budget. It’s one of the easiest ways you can ensure you have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Due to the number of micro wedding requests we have been getting, we thought we’d put down our top four villas in Bali to have one, and the reasons why we love each one.

And sure, you could have it at a resort, but we’ve chosen to focus on villas, because it ensures absolute privacy without fellow hotel guests or public onlookers peeking in!

Sohamsa Ocean Estate

For those of you who want those cliff top views, but feel the expansive grounds of most of the Uluwatu properties would just lose the magic of the intimacy of your wedding, look no further than the Sohamsa Ocean Estate.

This estate which can be divided into two parts: Villa Soham and Villa Hamsa, overlooks the Indian Ocean from the tops of the Pandawa clifftops. With a multilayered set up, you have so many options for your set up, and what’s more, it has 9 bedrooms all together, meaning your entire wedding party could potentially stay in the one place. We’d recommend using Villa Soham though as the primary wedding villa, keeping Villa Hamsa as purely accommodation.

Their in-house chef provides delicious food throughout your stay, and the villa manager is so sweet and kind, along with the rest of the staff, nothing is ever too much.

The main pool area has a long, grassed area, perfect for your reception, and features a built in lounge where you can relax and watch the waves roll in. It overlooks a lower grassed area which could easily be used for the ceremony, cocktail hour, or even the party area for after dinner, although we’d recommend sticking the party to the upper pool part.

You can keep the whole wedding – ceremony, reception and party – in the one area around the pool too using the open-air lounge for your cocktail and canape hour while where your ceremony once was transforms into your reception. We did this actually just recently in June 2022.

Upstairs there is a huge balcony space, which could also be used for the ceremony, particularly if wet weather becomes an issue.

We love this venue so much. It really has everything. It’s been well maintained throughout the pandemic, its spacious and modern without losing the quintessential Bali feel, and, you get the same views that all its giant neighbours also have, but without the crowd.

Villa Tirtadari

For those of you who want to indulge in the vibrant greenery of Bali, then Villa Tirtadari is for you. Hidden away in Canggu, you’d never know it was there unless you really looked. It’s a huge property, with the ability to sleep 18 guests, separated in three main buildings.

The lush landscaping is divided by a small stream that runs through the property, as well as a big pool dividing the open spaces manicured lawn in front of the main villa pavilion with the tall, shady almost fairy-land like grove on the other side of the pool.

With a fully equipped kitchen, and a barbeque with ample decking space, you can throw the mandatory requirement of hiring a dancefloor out the window because there’s definitely enough space to dance on the decking!

The shaded grove area is perfect for a ceremony. With most ceremonies here in Bali taking place between 4pm and 5pm due to the heat, the tall shady trees provide extra coolness for your guests as they sit to watch you say your vows.

The lawn space in front of the main pavilion is ideal for dining, and once you clear the poolside furniture, you can add cocktail tables and lounges creating a wonderful space to enjoy canapes and cocktails.

Being nestled in a sleepy village, you’ll have some amazing photo opportunities too just at your doorstep where you can really incorporate old Bali life in your day.

The set up for the villa is large enough so you can have the choice of both a DJ or a band, and you can dance until you can’t dance anymore, in which case you can retreat to the main pavilion to catch your breath as it’s all open-plan living so it allows you to still be apart of the special day without feeling too far away.

Majapahit Beach Villas

This group of villas take us over to the much overlooked East coast of Bali.

The Majapahit villas comprise of a mini complex of three villas, Villa Maya, Villa Raj and Villa Nataraj. In total there are 10 bedrooms, with each villa equipped with their own living spaces and pools.

For your wedding though, you’ll want to go with Villa Maya which literally kisses the water’s edge on one of the few famed black sand beaches of Bali.

Similar to Villa Tirtadari in the sense that it has ample decking space for dancing, you can save costs here and spend it making the venue extra special with warm overhead lighting and floor-lit candles.

The pool area of Villa Maya is ideal for your ceremony, where you can marry on the decking literally next to the ocean, while your guests sit on the grassed area opposite, separated only by a narrow water feature.

Cocktails and canapes can be enjoyed as the sun goes down before crossing over to the second part of the villa which homes the ‘Joglo’ – a Javanese style wooden house – often used as the master bedroom, and the larger lawn space and big decking area. Whether you want long table dining, standing cocktails or food stalls, all are possible here.

What makes this venue extra special is that it really stays true to Indonesian architecture so that when you get your photo’s back, there is no debate that you did in fact get married in Bali. So many villas now are so modern to the point where, in all honesty, you’ll look at your photos and think wow, that could be anywhere in the world. So if you are coming to Bali to get married, make the most of it and get married in a space that actually reflects it.

The V House Villa

Last but not least on our list, is the absolutely stunning V House Villa, situated in Mengwi, North of Canggu. This stunning property mixes modernism with a total eclectic interior design which somehow perfectly compliments the Bali landscaping.

Multileveled with multiple rooms for lounging, watching TV, having long lunches or lounging by the pool, you'd be silly not to at least consider this one.

One of the last standing batons surrounded by untouched rice paddies, you can set up the most stunning ceremony, cocktail and dinner party all in the one spot.

The V House Villa is actually split into two, both comprising of 7 master suites so you can choose either one or take both! One villa has a larger grassed area for those wanting to maximize on space, and one has a smaller space, perfect for when you dont want to lose the intimacy of your micro wedding.

Art decor chandeliers, tiger and white crane wall papered bathrooms, and each bedroom totally unique from the next, you'll never want to leave.

They have a fully equipped 24 hour team of staff and can organise any pre or post wedding services such as yoga or massages.

We are HUGE fans of this one, definitely worth a walk through.


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